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“What, lady? What you want? Can’t you see I’m snoozing, here?”

Kennebec, chillin’.

“You know you wants to kiss me, lady.”

“What’s THAT?”

I know it looks like Kennebec is photoshopped into that picture or something, but I swear he wasn’t!

There might have been a feather teaser waving around overhead to get them to look my way.

And yet, do you suppose they’d EVER both look my way at the same time?

I love the way the ends of some of her whiskers are curled.


It’s a Poo, just hangin’ out in her hammock.


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1-30-13 — 25 Comments

  1. Miz Poo looks like a tortie ball. I don’t know what a tortie ball is, but I’d like to see the sport in which one is used!

    What? Of course it would be a non-violent sport involving ear skritches and tuna!

  2. That pic of the Poo is calendar worthy! And thanks for catching those curly whiskers — I’m savoring these days with M & K.

  3. I’m a bit worried a kitten is going to notice Ms Poo’s tail hanging there so tantalisingly! Got to think about her dignity πŸ™‚

  4. Just a word for everyone about heating beds which have recently been under discussion here.
    I always look ahead on Amazon’s Gold Box Deals and I see that today (Wednesday) the following deal is scheduled to come up at 530pm Eastern: “Upcoming Deal Keep your cat or kitten warm this winter with a heated bed from K&H” No price is disclosed, but usually Gold Box Deals are at least 20% off current price. Worth checking if you need these!

      • Whoops! I messed up the time zone – the Amazon deal on the heated beds just began now, at 5pm Eastern (not 5:30 as I wrote this morning). I hope those interested in the deal have checked in already. Sorry!

        I can’t buy this because of my kitty’s arthritic legs – she couldn’t get over the side comfortably! But it does look like a decent deal.

  5. Kennebec eyes are looking more red than gold in these pictures!! Is he a vampire kitteh at night?

    Hope y’all don’t have bad weather today. As much as I loved that Dorfy dropped in the last time, I think you can still get plenty of kittens without the help of tornadoes!

    • It’s the devil in him showing through!

      So far, we’ve only had strong winds and some rain. Luckily, no tornadic activity!

  6. I had a kitty [Dinah] who looked sooo much like Mercury. She was a super sweet little lady I had many years. She also had a spot next to her nose like Mercury, and the odd thing was the color seemed to extend to the roof of her mouth. Just curious if its the same – assuming you can get a look in there!

      • I always find it interesting that the color of a cat’s fur extends through to its skin. We have a couple of calicos at the shelter that have to be shaved because they are bad about grooming themselves and they have interesting skin patterns too.

  7. Miz Poo’s tail is as asleep as Miz Poo. That’s the first thing I thought of too, Alison P – some kitten is going to come along and consider it a Rapunzel moment! I love her little heart-shaped face. Makes me want to kiss her on the top of her heart! Love Kennebec’s eyes too. So purty! He’s ginger through and through.

  8. Oh, I cannot take it… the seductive powers of Kennebec… knowing full well of my love for orange tabbies, it’s as though in that 5th picture down, second picture of Kennebec he is hypnotizing me… ‘get in car’ ‘drive to Alabama’ ‘take me home’ ‘you KNOW you WANT to’….. I must shield my eyes from his gaze! He knows of my weakness!

    Mercury is a lovely lady as is Ms. Poo… but OH! that Kennebec… and such a big boy! LOVE LOVE LOVE…

    • He is such a sweet boy! He actually head-butted Jake last night, and Jake just looked at him like “Hey, that’s MY move!”