1-30-09 – Rumba & Samba.

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When I got home from my appointment yesterday, there were guys on the roof pulling up shingles (we’re getting a new roof). The part where they were working was right outside the foster kitten room, and when I walked into the foster kitten room to check on them, Samba and Rumba came slinking out of the closet and came right over to me, then leaned against me to be petted.

They were like “It’s about time you’re home! Who are those guys and why are they terrorizing us?!”

If I’d known all I had to do to get them to like me was to get someone else to scare them, I would have done it ages ago!

(Okay, not really.)

Fred said when he went into the room before bed, they came right over to him to be petted. Funny the things that will turn unfriendly cats into friendly ones, isn’t it?

Last night when I went into the foster kitten room before bed, I let Newt in with me, because he was hovering outside the door. I wish I’d had the camera with me, because Rumba’s reaction was instant – she turned into a little Halloween cat, back up, tail puffed out, ridge of fur on her back standing straight up.

Is there anything LESS threatening than a little kitten who’s all puffed up and indignant?

Eventually, after many theatrics, she sniffed his tail and hissed at him. Samba spent most of Newt’s visit as far away from him as she could get, though as time went on, she got closer.

This morning, as soon as she heard me get up, Rumba started howling at the door. I put baby gates in the doorway to the kitten room, but she just stood at the gates and howled – she’s escaped the room a couple of times (when we open the door, she’s usually RIGHT there and can scoot out before we know what’s going on) and has apparently decided she wants to explore. So I moved the gates down the hallway a little, so they have the bathroom to explore, as well as their room. Depending on how things go today, I may move the gates further down the hallway so that they have my room to explore, too. We’ll see.

Rumba’s far more interested in exploring than Samba is. Samba has run into the bathroom a few times to look around, but she prefers being in the kitten room.

2009-01-30 (6)
Rumba looks a little puzzled, doesn’t she?

2009-01-30 (5)
Camera lens cap = tasty!

2009-01-30 (4)
Samba in the sun.

2009-01-30 (3)
More Samba in the sun.

2009-01-30 (2)
Rumba comes up for a cuddle.


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1-30-09 – Rumba & Samba. — 2 Comments

  1. Wow! Samba and Rumba are the cutest babies! I don’t know how you do this fostering and then let these cuties go to other homes. I would have SO many permanent kitties! 🙂 It’s wonderful that you foster so many cuties. What a great thing! (I found my way to your site via Wildrun!)

  2. Thanks, Tammy, I think they’re pretty adorable, too! 🙂

    It’s hard to let them go, I admit. And when I first started fostering 3 1/2 years ago, we had five cats. Now we have ten. Of those ten, all but three came from the shelter I volunteer for! 🙂