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Mariette, ignoring me.

Orlando in the sun. Those ears are something, aren’t they?

Maria getting a belly rub.

“Hallo, sparkly ball. You are MINE.”

::maniacal laughter:: (Maria, I think.)

Between his big ol’ ears, his long and lanky self, and his ability to balance like this for hours, how can you not love that Orlando?

Simply amazing.

And he knows it!

Mariette’s all “Hi, hi! Hi internet peoples! It is I, Mariette!”

Playful monkeys.


Pretty little Dennis. He has the silkiest fur. I also discovered yesterday that he loves to be kissed – if I kiss him once or twice, he’ll turn his head so that I can kiss him some more. SO sweet.

Maria and Mariette stopped their ridiculous hissing at Dennis and pretty much ignore him now. He tends to spend his time either snuggled up under the doll bed or on the cat tree (or looking out the window). I know he plays sometimes – I’ve seen it on the camera when I’m not in the room – but he doesn’t do it when I’m in there.

Angelo (who is the scarediest of the bunch) actually let me pet him last night without skittering away. He didn’t come over and REQUEST petting, but he didn’t avoid it, either. It might have helped that Orlando was laying in my lap and Mariette was leaning against me, both of them purring.

Speaking of the camera I have in the foster room, when I peeked in on the kittens last night before I went to sleep, I realized that the camera was askew. I went back to see if I could figure out what had happened to the camera, and found that a kitten (I think it was Mariette) had decided that the camera needed to be adjusted, so she took care of that for me. I made a clip for you! (My favorite part is when her ears pop up all of a sudden.)

YouTube link.


Jobey-Joe, the tuxie-doe, sure do give the Love Eyes, yo.


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2-4-14 — 22 Comments

  1. Dennis is a beauty. I wouldn’t get anything done for all the kissing I’d want to do to him! I wasn’t a tabby fan until my Bella came into my life. Now I see how wonderful they are.

  2. That “camera adjustment” video is so amusing! I love how all the other kittens turn suddenly towards it when Mariette jumps up there. They all seem to be wondering what in the heck is going on.

    I especially like this video because I finally have a good idea now about the size of the foster room! It’s cozy, but the perfect size for playful little monkey kittens.

    • I wish sometimes that it was a little bigger – I thought about switching my room (which is bigger) with the foster room, but a great thing about the foster room is that it gets a ton of sun, which the kittens always love, of course.

  3. I have my first foster kittens in my new foster room as of Sunday… would love to know more about the camera you use as I am thinking of getting one. Love little Dennis!

  4. Looking at that pic of Orlando, I swear that his combined ears are bigger than his face.

    Love that beauty shot of him in the sun, “Yes, I know that I’m this pretty.”

  5. Awww… Dennis!!! Adorable little love bug 🙂

    Glad to hear those Players are coming along nicely!!

  6. Dennis looks like baby Corbie to me. The belly spots on Orlando are wonderful. they are all so CUTE.

  7. Okay – am I the only one of the Internet peoples who waved back to Mariette’s adorable still picture in which she waves hi – hi – hi to all of us?

  8. You have a camera already set up in the foster room and you have not been sharing it with us? Why do you hate us, Robyn????? Stop holding out on us! I’m addicted to kitten cams (http://new.livestream.com/FosterKittenCam and http://new.livestream.com/tinykittens) and Crooked Acres could be one of the places I look in on, if only you’d relent and share your camera with us!

    BTW, in that pic of Orlanda standing up, his stripe around his neck looks like a shirt collar! Too cute!

    • When I have a pregnant cat or wee kittens, I’ll definitely set up the webcam and make it public. But I have no desire to be caught on the cam, and if Fred was accidentally viewed kissing kittens, he’d probably divorce me. 🙂