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If you haven’t already, please go over to Whiskers in the Window, read the wonderful tribute to Chanel, and send Kelly some love and light.


Mercury and Kennebec are now at Petsmart. Neither of them, nor did Baby Beans, get adopted this weekend, unfortunately – but you know I’ll keep you updated!

When I dropped Mercury and her big lunk of a brother off, I picked up two other cats who have been at Petsmart since November. They really needed a break from the cage, so since we had the room, I was glad to bring them home with me. They’ll be here for three or four weeks before they head back. Hopefully they’ll take a page from the books of the black Peppers (Everett, Sally and Lucy), Kohle, and Dingwall Scotty, and get adopted very quickly once they go back.

They’re both awfully sweet boys. When I first got them home, they both immediately vanished into the closet of the foster room. They were pretty scared. We’d go up and pull them out, and the next time we went in, they’d be back in the closet. So Fred brought them out of the closet, along with a litter box, and shut the door to the closet. After that, they’d act nervous when we first walked into the room, but as soon as we sat down, they’d come over for petting.

So here they are!

Hiding behind the little cat tree.

Come out, you scaredy cats!

This is Batman.

Batman again, being petted by Fred.

Once again, Batman.

And his brother (and sidekick), Robin. Sitting in my lap. That’s right, Robin in Robyn’s lap.

And Robin, from a short distance away. You’ll note that Robin has white whiskers; Batman does not.

And Robin, keeping an eye on Fred.

Their story is that they were turned into a vet at about 6 weeks old, along with their sisters Ivy and Eliza (Eliza was named before the Batman naming theme was decided upon). Ivy and Eliza have been adopted, and Batman and Robin have been waiting and waiting.

Did I mention that they’re sweet? They are SO sweet. They’re now in the guest bedroom, and probably beginning sometime next week, we’ll start letting them out into the house. I’m sure they won’t have ANY idea what to do with all that room to run around in!


Sugarbutt, stressing as usual.

I lubs my Suggie.


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2-4-13 — 37 Comments

  1. At out local shelter we had Batgirl and Robin! πŸ™‚ (Batgirl, was …well…a girl. She was a black kitty, too!) πŸ™‚

    Wishing everyone speedy adoptions!!!

  2. OH!!!! I love the new edit/deletion options!!! Nothing is worse than a typo noticed too late!!!! Thanks!!!

  3. The two new house panthers look very sweet. They will get a nice rest at Chez Anderson.

    Sugarbutt is just GORGEOUS!!!

  4. Poor black cats… I hope they are adopted right away! Whenever I hear anyone say they are thinking of adopting a cat, I tell them about the plight of black cats and how they are often the last to be adopted.

    My sister wasn’t aware that superstition was leaving these poor sweeties homeless. She just adopted two mostly-black kittens, and she said that a surprising number of the cats in her local shelter were black.

    Of course, black dogs also face lower adoption rates. Read more here: http://www.startseeingblackdogs.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=30&Itemid=37

    • Yep, people are…uh…”silly… Black cats are bad luck and black dogs are mean. Furthest from the truth!!!!!

    • I’ve got a litter of black kittens right now. Cuter than cute and sweeter than sweet. And I’ll be happy to love on them for as long as it takes, but the color discrimination is ridiculous.

    • When next I adopt, I will look for black cats. They are awesome beasts with hearts of gold. Your new charges are gorgeous!

  5. Batman and Robin are very sweet boys, especially Robin of the one white whisker. When I’d let them out at Petsmart, he’d climb me to make me sit down so he could get in my lap and there he stayed while the other kittens bounced around.

      • When you look at them quick they look identical, but their fur is slightly different, Robin has the one white whisker, and Batman has a tiny mole on the back of one of his ears. Batman is a little more shy. I’m so glad to hear they are taking a break from Petsmart and I hope they get some of that Crooked Acres magic rubbed off on them and get adopted really quick when they go back.

  6. Are the boys on the small side? Or is it because they are only about 5 months old, and we’ve been looking at hunky Kennebec for while? πŸ™‚ Love me some black kittehs, and Robin’s white whisker slays me! My tuxie boy Jinx has one white “eye brow” whisker, which I love… When it occasionally falls out, I always hold my breath until it comes back in!

  7. Oh! Spellcheck!! Now I just have to remember to click on it before clicking on “Submit Comment”!!

    Anyway, I saw a Robin this morning and was really excited! I called out, “Hi Miz Robin”, then laughed like an idiot. Anyway, I thought of you when I saw the Robin and I thought of seeing the Robin when I read about Robin on Robyn’s lap!

    I’ll head over to Whiskers in the Window, now.

    P.S. Whooooo-hoooooo!! Editing!!!!!

  8. Batman and Robin are a handsome pair — and I’m sure they’re enjoying their respite! As for Suggie, he is looking particularly squeezably, smoochably soft today…

  9. Wow, do Batman and Robin have some gorgeous eyes! Well, they’d have to, right, since that’s all you see out of their masks! MOL Seriously though, what a pair of sweeties! I hope they settle down quickly!
    Fingers crossed for adoptions for the rest!
    Sugarbutt is too cute!

  10. People who are reluctant to adopt a black cat, for whatever reason, simply don’t know what they’re missing. All of the black kitties that I’ve had the good fortune to know were total sweethearts through and through. That includes a few feral cats (at my workplace) that made up with me on their own with little effort on my part. I’m begging to think it may be in their genes. I hope Batman & Robin get adopted right away when they go back.
    My heart goes out to Kelly & the adopters. I’m sure that Chanel’s short life was the best it could be. So sorry to hear this sad news.

  11. Oh, Suggie, you sweet, handsome boy! And Batman and Robin are very handsome, too.

    I hadn’t been over to Kelly’s blog yet today (it’s been a long one), so I’m glad you sent us over. Poor Chanel, and poor Kelly and Chanel’s new family….