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Do you remember Jareth and Charming, from the Royals litter? Here they were from late April/ early May:

As you may remember, they were adopted together. Jareth is now Sooty, and Charming is now Toby. And they’re growing up!

Their mama reports that they are still inseparable – and they are HUGE. They’re both 13 (!) pounds!

Sooty likes to play hide and seek with his mama. Sometimes he can’t find her, which means that she wins – and when she jumps out at him, he falls on his back and shows his belly. If, on the other hand, he finds her before she can hide, that means that he wins – and he grabs her legs to show that he was the winner!

Toby is the more laid-back of the two – he puts up with being held like a baby, and he’ll snuggle up and sleep in his mama’s lap sometimes. Sooty, on the other hand, is only up for lap-sitting when the lap he’s sitting in is on the potty. Silly boy!

Can you believe it hasn’t even been a year since those sweet boys were born? It seems like forever ago – and it also seems like it just happened. Don’t you love it when siblings get to stay together forever? That’s one of my favorite things!

(Thanks for the update and pictures, Toby & Sooty’s mama. We sure do love seeing their sweet faces!)


Four of the five brown tabbies – Dennis was hanging out in the cat tree, and I’m not sure where Ferdinand was.

Here they are again. I’d tell you who is who, but I’ll be honest – I can’t really tell!

Now, I know that THAT is Orlando. He’s like a cartoon, with those long legs and big ol’ ears.

Ferdinand makes sure that Angelo’s ears stay clean.

“Hallo, lady!”

Ferdinand in the sun.

Please note that Mariette is laying right across Orlando’s head. And she doesn’t care if he likes it or not!

Smilin’ Dennis.

Angelo in the wall basket.

Mariette, trying to decide whether to join Angelo.

I don’t know what was going on over there, but it certainly caught Orlando and Maria’s attention.

The five original Players (Dennis was still in the big cat tree). On the little blue tree, Ferdinand peeking out. In the wall basket, Angelo. On the doll bed, Orlando. Sniffing the big mylar ball (toward the middle of the picture), is Mariette. And watching Mariette (on the right side of the picture) is Maria.

After I told someone in the comments the other day that I couldn’t get any pictures of Dennis snuggled up with the other kittens because there was none of that going on, I walked into the kitten room yesterday to find Dennis and Angelo snuggled up together in the cat tree condo. Did I have the camera with me? Of COURSE not. But I suspect that’s not the last time that’ll happen – they both looked awfully happy, I bet it’s the start of a beautiful friendship!


Tommy in the sun, in a rare alone moment. Usually he’s got Stinkerbelle, Jake, or Sugarbutt demanding snuggles. It’s a rough life, Tommy. Rough, rough life.


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2-5-14 — 23 Comments

  1. Did anyone else see this: http://youtu.be/IZ58M1sAaWY ? 🙂

    Jareth and Charming are GORGEOUS BOYS! You can tell that they are well cared for and loved! Thank you T&S’s mama for the update!!!

    Tommy’s fur looks soooo squishy! He is probably enjoying his “me time”. 🙂

  2. What the heck are you feeding those kittens? Starsky and Hutch are gigantic and it looks like Jareth and Charming on well on their way. 13 pounds! And they are not fat, just big. And beautiful. Thanks for sharing the update. Charming was always one of my favorites.

  3. OMC Sooty and Toby are beautiful!!! Such silky-looking boys…and I loved seeing their baby pictures again with those impossibly blue eyes! I had to laugh at the hide & seek and potty stories. I don’t have any potty sitters, though Jinx does like to sit on the sink while I’m “ocupado” and make me turn the water on and off for him! 🙂

    • My Lola will run in like a wild woman (thinks she is missing out on a party) and makes me turn the water on, too! LOL

  4. Wonderful to see how Charming and Jareth have prospered. They are just beautiful. Thanks to the adoptive parents for sharing!

    I’m still loving the baby face of Dennis, but all the Players are both interesting and gorgeous.

  5. Those first two grown-up pics of Jareth and Charming are channeling exactly what I feel at this moment: “WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S BEEN NEARLY A YEAR???”

  6. That is such a cute story about Sooty, playing hide and seek with his mama. Falling over to show his belly or hugging her leg like she’s a trophy!!!

    Oh Toby, you had such a gorgeous, full white ascot. Now you’ve got that elegant tops and tails thing going. So handsome.

    Dennis looks so much like my father’s Alex I was kind of spooked. Sweet, sweet guy who just wanted to be loved. When he had to be put down, my father did not take it well. He went straight into denial/anger. My mom says he yelled and almost took a swing at the lady vet.

    Luckily she understood, having to go through that so many times a week.

    Tommy’s got the juice, whatever it is, that brings the boys and girls to the yard.

  7. Robyn, I definitely envy you the kitten room full of tabby goodness right now. All of the Players are adorable, but Dennis’ little face quite melts my heart.

    It is always so good to get an update on foster kittens! They have grown up to be quite handsome cats. I love the hide and seek game, too.

    I always have to laugh when a larger cat’s weight is mentioned. My beloved Kitling was eight pounds, which I accepted as average. Whether there is an average cat weight, I don’t know, but I laugh because the seven and a half pound cat I have now is named Munchkin. She’s two-thirds the size of her sibling, who is thirteen pounds. On the other end of the scale, so to speak, I have two brothers from a different litter who are both over twenty pounds without being fat. As you may imagine, my concept of cat size has, well, expanded. 😀

  8. I agree about the sibling kitties! We had gone last summer to adopt a rescue black kitten and I fell in love with 2. They look identical (all black)but have totally different personalities and I love seeing them grow up together! On a side note: Love that Dennis! 🙂


  9. Sooty and Toby look so healthy and beautiful. Their shiny coats say it all…no stress & lots of love 🙂 It’s wonderful to get foster updates.

    • Yes, Toby and Sooty definitely have the buff stuff going — so glad they got to stay together. And Robyn, thanks to you and Fred, the Players are already manifesting some of that old-time Crooked Acres magic.

  10. orlando almost looks like a bengal or oriental due to the head shape and lanky body – any ideas on that one?