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Sleepy Orlando.

Bath time for Maria.

And bath time for Ferdinand.

Love that spotted belleh.

And that one!

Mariette under the doll bed, playing with a long-tailed mouse. They LOVE those long-tailed mice (which I’ve never seen anywhere but Petsmart.)

Dennis is heading toward that bed with PURPOSE.

He stops and thinks for a moment.

Considers the situation…

And heads on through, waking up Orlando in the process.

Next Thursday the Players (except for Dennis, who’s already had it done) are going for their spays and neuters!


Tommy is such a patient big brudder. Jake climbs into the cat bed where Tommy was sleeping, and expects Tommy to give him a bath. And Tommy does!

“We havin’ brudderly bonding time, lady.”

::loony laughter::

Could he LOOK any loonier?


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2-6-14 — 17 Comments

  1. I love seeing pics of the Players, all pale, lean, lanky & big eared and then BAM! there’s a shot of dark, compact, thick looking Dennis. He’s in such contrast to them that I can’t help but find him totally squishable. That chubby face needs sooooo much lovin’.

    Also, the Tommylove is palpable.

  2. Orlando reminds me of the flying nun. One of these days, if he’s not careful, a strong breeze is going to take him away.

    Oh Dennis, I promise that if you jump up on the bed with me I won’t leave but will stay and snuggle.

    And yes, we all love Tommy and Jake.

  3. Oh, Jake, my favorite loon! And Dennis, with a purpose? We call that “kitty on a mission” at my house. The humans don’t always understand what the mission is, but they are frequent!

  4. Thought I’d tap in to the collective cat wisdom on here–I need help with a mystery kitten issue!
    A little background: We adopted a kitten in October. When he was found on the side of the road, he was skin and bones (he was the size of a 12-week old at 5.5 months), half of his hair was missing because of ringworm, he had an upper respiratory tract infection and a bad case of fleas and earmites. He’s had ringworm three times now (each case, at least so far, not as bad as the previous one) and tapeworms once.
    The problem is the mystery ear crud. My vet is awesome and able to diagnose the oddest things, but not this time. He has brown stuff in his ears and coming out of his nose. His ears are also itchy and he coughs occasionally. We have been dealing with this since before Christmas. He did initially have a staph infection in his ears–first we cleaned his ears and applied antibiotics twice a day, now we are cleaning his ears a few times a week. I clean his nose once or twice a day. The initial infection cleared up, but the brown stuff did not. It did lessen, but did not go away. The brown stuff is not yeast or bacteria. It has been cultured and is negative for any growth. It is not wet, but kind of sticky. He does not appear to have congestion, though he snores occasionally, and he does not sneeze. He does have a polyp in one of the ears, but that does not explain the crud in both ears. Anybody have any similar issues? Any ideas?

    • My Eli had Calci as a kitten.. blisters in the mouth and everything, eyes were in horrid shape. As a result his tear ducts blocked. because of this the tears backed up and would over flow on to his face…. but also into his nose and ears..

      as you may or may not know, cat tears dry to a darn brown/black.. so the discharge in his ears was black as was the crud that built up around his nose.

      you say he has a polyp in one of the ears, this may cause an over production of tears or other bodily fluids of some sort and thus cause the issue..

      is it the reason? I have no idea.. I just know that we had to do quite a bit of laser therapy on Eli’s face to help him and his ears finally stopped filling up with debris even though he still has tear overflow onto his face.

      • Thank you. No, it doesn’t look like dried tears–it is lighter. He does sometimes have discharge from his eyes, but that is clear or light colored.

  5. Oh! Dennis is much bigger than I was expecting! All of those previous shots seem to focus mostly on his face and I thought he was smaller!

  6. Hey there, long time no comment!!

    Have to say, as soon as I saw “Bath Time for Maria” I started singing this song in my head:

    I just watched a bath with Maria….
    And suddenly that name, will never be the same, to me…
    I just watched her bathe, oh MARIA!….
    And suddenly I’ve found, how wonderful a bath can be!…
    Say it loud, and there’s cleaning and playing,
    Say it soft, it’s like hissing and preying…

    Happy 2014, albeit months and months late! Hug the kittehs for me!