2-7-18 Wednesday

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Today I’ll be painting that awful closet in the foster room and I hate painting – and that closet will be particularly hard to paint – so keep me in your thoughts and prayers, y’all.

Khal would make an excellent paint brush. I bet that fur would soak up half a gallon of paint in no time flat.

Dewey suggests that I stop whining about it and just get it done. (He’s such a know-it-all.)

Archie’s going to keep the nap blanket warm for me, which I certainly appreciate.

Stefan’s just going to hang out on the table, as usual.

Showing his fangs.

Frankie will just hang out on my bed, especially if I turn the electric blanket on for him.

Maxi doesn’t care what I do, as long as it’s not sticking that dadgum camera in her face all the time.

Alice has melted into a pile o’ cute.


Video! Archie playing with his favorite toy, and Dewey coming along to snoopervise.

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2-7-18 Wednesday — 13 Comments

    • I have the same one as well. It’s been awhile since I used it, I really should clean it. LOL

  1. Love the move at the end of the Archie – Dewey video. I had no clue where Archie went until you panned the camera. Brilliant!

  2. Good painting wishes headed your way. Just remember – it’s small, and more importantly, it’s a closet. No one’s going to be scrutinizing your workmanship. Just plan to get plenty of paint on your clothes from working in a small space and have a nice reward for yourself waiting at the end.

  3. Remember to ventilate in such a small space! You don’t want the cats to have to perform CPR on you! 😉

  4. And painting the closet means we’re inching closer to kittens??!! Yay, and best wishes for an easier-than-expected ordeal…

  5. At least the painting of the closet is an indoor thing! Today weather will be an adventure for many in the N East. Good thoughts to you AND to them.
    Also, I have another picture request for the favorite page please-Dennis in the giraffe cave from last yr today. Thank you!

    • Oh sweet Dennis and his beautiful eyes…sniff…

      And happy belated Gotcha Day to Alice Mo who still loves her Daddy-O!

  6. Please don’t soak Khal’s fur in paint! It’s too pretty for that — not to mention the poor cat trying to clean it off.