2-6-18 Tuesday

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Look at these sisters, who clearly want NOTHING to do with each other.

They hate each other, don’t they!

Those sweet girls are Phoenix and Amber (formerly Ambercup), of course. Can I tell you how much I adore seeing those sweet girls together? I LOVE IT. It certainly does warm this foster mama’s heart.

(Thanks, Debra!)


Alice Mo, in the back living room, before we had the screened porch added. She loves hanging out on the screened porch now, watching squirrels and making plans.

“Halloooooo, laydeez.”

Maxi, with attitude.

Frankie, lookin’ guilty.

Stefan’s favorite place during the day: on the table, in the sun.

Stefan from another angle. You better believe he got a kiss after I took this picture.


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2-6-18 Tuesday — 11 Comments

  1. Oh…Phoenix and Amber look so adorable together. It seems that Phoenix really really wanted a sibling! And KHAL….what a hunk of burn’n love!

  2. We got another cat, who is in the isolation chamber/my office, and so I ordered some rescue remedy both because she’s very shy and because I want them all to get along as easily as possible. I got the for-pets version off Amazon. How much do you put in the water? I assume with all your residents you have some big water bowls… thanks!

      • OK So – can the starting of RR actually make some cats MORE nervous? Our new cat was loving the attention on Sunday and Monday. Yesterday my RR came so I put some in all the water dishes, and late yesterday she decided she hates us both and won’t let us hold her anymore. ???

  3. It seems that every so often I notice a bed I don’t remember seeing (the pink one behind the lovely Ms. Maxi).

    • Oh, we have a trillion beds, you can’t have seen them all. I think I got that one last year (maybe the year before) thinking that a litter of kittens would look adorable in it. And of course the permanent residents claimed as their own instead. 🙂

  4. Thank goodness you gave Stefan a kiss! That boy is most kissable and I would think you were getting stingy with those kisses! Khal is very floofable and is looking like he could do with some kissing’ too!