2-5-18 Monday

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Here’s a familiar face to kick off your week!

It’s da Norbs, the little orphan who was adopted by Khaleesi and raised as her own. He ended up in Chicago, as you might recall.

Kirsten says: he really likes to “help” me do yoga

look at his pretty green eyes and licorice jelly bean toes!

And bonus pic of the Sheriff in my town.

(Thanks, Kirsten!)


And here’s some good news to make your Monday even happier. Paul Simon, our foster from early 2015, who was returned last June? He’s adoption pending!

Hurray hurray! He’s back at the shelter (he was at Petsmart briefly) until he can go home later this month. Hasn’t he grown up to be THE most beautiful boy?


Archie loves this Archie-sized sink.

Pretty Maxi, lookin’ even prettier in that pink bed.

Archie again, this time in the bathroom. There used to be a towel there, but someone barfed on it (NATURALLY), so I put a cat bed there, and now that spot is even more popular than it was.

Khal suddenly noticed that there’s a bit of a ledge up there, and sat there thinking about it for the longest time. I was ready to take a picture if he actually jumped up there (which is what I expected him to do), but he thought better of it.

And went off to kick the catnip kicker with his big ol’ bunny feet.


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2-5-18 Monday — 39 Comments

  1. I love that Khal pondered the jump for a good long while, I wonder if he’s going to go ponder again and some day he’ll give it a go! His profile is so handsome when he’s looking up at the ledge too. And i love his spikey fur when he’s attacking the kicker.

    • I was a tiny bit hoping he’d jump for it, but of course because I was ready to take a picture, he opted not to. Obviously he’ll wait until I’m either not in the room, or not paying attention!

      • Ha! But of course!

        I’d be particularly curious to see if he gets stuck up there facing the wrong way for the jump back down and has to call for help, or if he manages to turn around on such a small space.

  2. Ohhhhhh, Norbie!!! He and his story remain my most favorite! He is certainly SWOON worthy! And, YAY!!! Paul Simon – may forever be just days away! Speaking of furrever – come on Hubble people – where you be????

    I am loving your cabinetry (throughout the house), counter tops, and I wish I had an Archie-sized sink!

    Happy Monday, y’all!

  3. Yay I was just hoping for a Norbdate!! I love that silly boy! And double yay for Paul Simon finding his people!!

  4. What ingredients are bad for cats? What ingredients are good for cats? The expensive food has no corn or wheat but cheaper food has corn & wheat. What is definently not good for cats? Thanks.

    • Cats are obligate carnivores – corn and wheat are something that they don’t eat in the wild, so I’d avoid those when possible. Look at the ingredients – everything (most everything) on the list should be something you can recognize and something they would eat if they were left to hunt for themselves.

      I’ll post this question in Friday’s post, too, so others can chime in and maybe suggest reading sources, too.

    • it really depends on who you ask. Sadly, too many vets are trained in nutrition by the big pet food companies so they will tell you to stick with their brands..

      Like Robyn said. Cats are obligate carnivores and have little use for plant based ingredients. Pet food companies use them because they are cheap. They use flax oil to increase omega 3s but cats can’t utilize them as well as fish oil (animal based)

      Knowing why you are asking can better tailor an answer for you, because left to my own devices I am going to rant on for a few days about raw food.

  5. I am keeping my fingers crossed for Paul. That would be so great if he finds a new forever h9me.

    Da Norbs. Little pesto breather himself.

    • Ha-I love that you think if him like that. Will chomp on my rosemary too if given the chance-he’s very sophisticated.

  6. I love to see Norbie’s sweet face, he’s almost a twin to my Sammy. And Paul Simon is just stunning, anyone would be lucky to be his family.

  7. Love the Norbs update, but I am still waiting for a Stompers update!
    Also, the Archie in the sink pic needs to go on the fav pics page if you get a second Robyn. That’ll be a classic!

    • The frog behind Archie in the sink picture is cracking me up! He has a look on his face that reminds me of those toilet paper commercials, where the figurines can’t un-see what they have seen! 😀

  8. I’m thrilled for Paul Simon and his family — hooray. Norbie news is always a joy (does the Sheriff keep him in line, though?), and as always, I love today’s photos and captions are fab. Thanks, Robyn!

    • Unfortunately Norbie occasionally terrorizes the Sherriff (a little stalking, a little chasing, some fisticuffs) so I am the only one kept in line by her stern looks.

  9. Robyn. I saw your FB post about Periwinkle, but no follow up. Is he OK? And I’m loving all the permanent resident photos these days.

    • He is doing well! I saw Kristin this morning, and she said that he’s eating, playing, and sleeping with her. Whatever was going on has passed, thankfully, and hopefully he never worries them like that again!

  10. A question for Robyn and the community at large. I very suddenly found myself adopting a 4 month old kitten. (An orange boy with a pink nose). It was very bittersweet. I found out it was Sophie’s time to run to the Bridge literally minutes after I met a kitten needing a home. He’s adorable, sweet and very active. He MAY be getting an older sister soon. My questions: #1: can anyone recommend an interactive toy that doesn’t require a lot of energy (or any – for those times I’m at work) from the human? He LOVES da’bird, but I can only swing it around for 45 minutes or so – not long enough for his preference. #2: Also, I may have the opportunity to adopt an 18 month old female (the other cats in her house hate her). From what little I know, she’s friendly, but is being kept downstairs for her own safety. I’ll get the vet’s advice on compatibility since he knows both cats, but is there any thing else I should be considering? I’d love to give her a better home, and get an active playmate for the kitten, but I’m a little worried (without knowing anything about her) that she’ll pick on the kitten. Thoughts? Advice? Thanks in advance!

    • I just ran across an interactive ball that you can set to motion detect, so it’ll (at least in theory) entice a cat to play if it wanders by. I haven’t tried it myself, but I think the idea is neat – it’s this toy. I’m going to post this question in Friday’s post, too, because I know there are surely a million toys that I’m just not thinking of that would be great to help wear your ornj boy out.

      But I think the best interactive toy you can give him would be another kitten. 🙂 Given that she’s 18 months old, she’s still pretty much a kitten, and I bet they’ll play well together. There might even be a little hero worship on his part.

      I can’t think of anything to suggest that you should be considering – I’m glad that your vet knows both cats and can give you his opinion on how they’d do.

      • Oh! If he’s interested in laser toys, FroliCat makes a laser toy (the BOLT) that sends the laser in random patterns. Jake loves it!

        • Thanks! I’ve ordered both items, plus replacement toys for da bird – he’s managed to destroy one in less than 48 hours 🙂 I really appreciate your input, and look forward to what anyone else can share.

    • while kittens are generally high activity, remember they do sleep 18-20 hours a day. I know it doesn’t feel like it, but they do 🙂

      Frolicat is good but lasers can be frustrating for cats because they can’t ‘catch’ it. there is no satisfying end to the game.

      Climbing trees or perches are great activities for kittens. Climbing burns a lot of energy and giving them somewhere ‘up’ to go is good for them.

      ping pong balls, while not officially an interactive toy, are so interactive because they move if you breathe on them, are pretty universally loved and don’t have annoying bells in them. The Turbo scratcher also gets a lot of cats going. Hexbugs are often loved, but I probably wouldn’t let him have it unsupervised. You don’t have to do anything, so your arm wont get tired 😀

      • Thanks! I’d forgotten all about ping pong balls. I do have a kitty condo for climbing, but now I think I may move it out to the living room where it’ll have a bigger window to look out of. I really appreciate the input.

  11. So glad to hear that Paul Simon will (hopefully!) be adopted soon. I just looked at his little face in your sidebar last week and wondered what was taking so long for that sweet boy. Now can Hubble’s people ALSO please come and find him soon? Pretty please?

  12. Love updates! And fingers crossed for the adoption!

    Wait a minute… isn’t that his natural enemy, a towel, in the sink with him? This could end badly.. but at least the clean up should be easy, ha!

    You know you’re going to walk into that room one day and Khal is going to be looking down at you from that little ledge, right? You will never see the actual jump up because he’s going to use the power of the floof and levitate!

    • No no, the dish cloth is fine, it’s the bigger dish towels that are his mortal enemies. He’s gotten sneaky about his towel attacks, I never see him kicking them, but find the towels on the floor. He probably got tired of me watching him and laughing about how cute he is. 😀

      I only hope I have a camera in hand when I find Khal hovering up there!

  13. It’s probably the camera angle but Drogo looks almost like a kitten in that last picture.