2-6-17 Monday

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Frankie in the sun.

Havin’ a think.

So, Frankie is doing better – he at least seems more alert and inclined to move around on his own than he was last week – but he still has a ways to go. We decided late last week, right after we decided that he was indeed becoming a permanent resident, that we won’t be fostering again until he’s feeling better.

Let me repeat: we won’t be fostering until Frankie is feeling better. He’ll be on twice-a-day antibiotics for another 3 1/2 weeks. His mouth is still bothering him, though it’s definitely improved. Hopefully he’ll feel better soon so we can get some kittens in this house!

I miss having kittens here, and I know y’all do, too.

Until Frankie is doing better – which hopefully won’t be more than a few weeks – you know there are itty bitty newborn kittens over at Three Tiny Tabbies, right?

(I am NOT jealous, YOU’RE jealous!)


I’m starting to think we should have named Dewey Kravitz. He is SO NOSY. It drives him crazy if I haven’t opened the blinds in my room before the sun comes up. He’s gotta SEE what going ON!

Saying “hi” (okay, saying “hiss”) to his new brudder before stomping off.

Hanging out on the ess (what you can’t see is that the kerosene heater was about two feet from him. He was LOVING the heat.)

And here’s a video of Dewey in action. The neighbors were doing something, I was laying in bed putting off getting up, and it was driving him CRAYZEE.

YouTube link


“What you want, lady? Can’t I just sit and watch the birds without you swooping in to take pictures of me. I mean, I KNOW I am beautiful, but still. You go be somewhere else.”


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2-6-17 Monday — 19 Comments

  1. If YOU can wait for kittens, then WE can wait for kittens, too 😉
    Of course it’s the right decision, and once again I am SO pleased to see how much you care for your kittens – Frankie’s health first!!

  2. Poor Dewey….all those goings on and unable to see (though his balance is remarkable). Hope Frankie continues to improve!!

    OMG – the picture from 2012 of Maggie and all the kittens around the food dish cracked me up….tabby tabby tabby tabby calico tabby….

  3. I figured you would postpone kittens for a bit when I found out that Frankie was ill. Last week I wanted to thank you and Fred for finding him, taking him in and taking on his care and everything, but crying in your cube is frowned upon. 🙂 So – well – THANK YOU! You are angels.

    You should call Dewey – Stretch. omg

  4. I looks like Frankie knew which house to pick to get the care he needs. I am sure you know cats well enough to be aware that he chose you, and not the other way around. I hope he gets well very soon, so he can be a big brother to the many foster kittens in his future.

  5. It crossed my mind that you might need to postpone the next batch of kittens while taking care of Frankie, but I think we all agree that getting that sweet boy well is priority number one! 🙂

  6. Looking forward to loads of Frankie and Dewey and Dennis and Jake and Joe Bob and Archie and Alice and Maxi and Newtles and Kara and Stefan!

  7. As long as we get to see pics of the Permanent Residents!

    (And would you look at those little newborn baby bears over at Three Tiny Tabbies??!!)

  8. Even though, as a librarian, I like the name Dewey (although you know Melvil Dewey, despite all his worthwhile accomplishments, was a little on the pervy side, right?), it’s not too late to change Dewey’s name – I think Kravitz is the perfect name for him!

  9. Frankie must be doing better if he’s not mimicking a puddle. So glad to her that his mouth is better. He can’t get better unless he eats but how can he eat until he feels better? Yeah, I know. Confusing.

  10. Ha! I love the reference to Gladys Kravitz! My husband and I call each other that when one of us is looking out the window, seeing what is going on in the street. I realized we could have named our newest kitten, Basil-Kravitz. We thought our cat inspecting your work, we actually used to call him The Foreman. But Basil is SO NOSY! He must investigate anything that we do, it cracks me up.

    Feel better, Frankie!!

  11. Hey Robyn!

    I’ve heartily enjoyed lurking for about two years now. Today I found myself in a bit of a pickle, and I was hoping I could get some input from you and/or the lovely Love&Hisses community on the feasibility of my plan.

    My amazing 11-year-old intact traditional Persian male, Darwin, lives with my parents because I seem to be allergic to him. He is highly active when he wants to be – he often scales the outside walls of our small summer home to peek in on whoever’s working on the upper floors – but seems really bored of having the same old people around. On the other hand, he is an attention hog, displaying jealousy both of his girlfriends over us, and of us over his girlfriends, when they’ve visited. Many people have recommended getting a kitten to keep him company without threatening his current position as High Lord of Everything.

    I was recently asked to foster Grey, a neutered, timid 7yo silver tabby, who does not seem to trigger my allergies. Four days after he arrived, he’s a confident, cuddly lovebug, but he prefers to play without my help, and he seems absolutely desperate to greet and cuddle with the stray cats that sometimes perch on my windowsill. He runs trilling to them and rubs the window lovingly whenever they’re here. The organization I got Grey from fear that the strays may be infected with feline herpes, and that Grey might shoot out of any open window and get lost, so I can’t let them play together.

    1. I’m guessing I’m actually allergic to the FrontLine-like substance we treat Darwin with, rather than Darwin himself.
    2. Is it feasible to attempt to bring these two together at my place, which smells more of Grey than it does of Darwin right now? Can males turn from strangers to buddies? Any tips for accomodating elderly males in particular?

    Any and all opinions are welcome and greatly appreciated!

    P.S. I’m unsure about neutering Darwin, partly because of potential complications due to his age, and partly because I have yet to find a vet around here I’d trust with performing the operation.

    P.P.S. It says on Grey’s passport he’s a Siberian, but his coat is too short and he was found on the streets, so I don’t think that’s likely.

    P.P.P.S. Yes, I am falling into the trap of wanting to adopt my foster cat.