2-22-23 Wednesday

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Linzer considers a nap.

Cinnaspin in the sun, bein’ adorable.

Linzer’s serious little face just kills me.

Cinnaspin likes that little blue scratcher.

Cinnaspin and Linzer love that 3-level organizer at the end of my desk.


I was tossing a toy up in the air and then catching it, and Lincoln (in the hammock) was just fascinated.

Then I tossed some toys in their general direction, and they checked ’em out.

Waiting to see what the weird lady is going to do next.


There were birds on the front lawn, and Alice sat like this and watched them for the longest time.

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Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Linzer says “No, it’s okay, lady. My toes don’t quite fit on the mouse pad, and my feets will get cold, but that’s fine. You just go ahead and keep using your mouse to click around the innernets. I’ll be FINE.”

In late 2021, we fostered a litter of kittens named after elements. Two of them – Ruthy Ruthenium and Nikki Nickel – were adopted together. Ruthy is now Sylvie and Nikki is now Minnie – and this is what they look like now. Isn’t that a great shot? You know that if their dad, Joe, was actually trying to get them to pose like that, they never would have. Nice catch!

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The downstairs was kind of a mess (we did packing & shipping for the Forgotten Felines online auction yesterday), and Cinnaspin and Linzer were checking it out, while Uncle Charlie wandered around. Linzer is interested in being friends with Uncle Charlie (you can hear her cute chirping sounds) and Uncle Charlie is just… like… “Whatever, kittens.”

We’ve had huge flocks of Grackles moving through as they head north, and Linzer (left) and Cinnaspin have been pretty fascinated watching them coat the front yard and then take off again.

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I have been a total slacker about sharing video of our newest fosters, Lincoln and Lilly, who have been with us for about 2 1/2 weeks. They were trapped during a local TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) effort, and were too small to be neutered and returned. So they’re here with us as we attempt to turn them from scaredy-kittens to spoiled rotten kittens. It’s slow going, but there has been progress, and they have learned about feather teasers and Churu and the bowls of food and water that magically stay full at all times.

(It’s frustrating because they are SO DARN CUTE I just want to snatch them up and kiss them a million times, but I prefer to have a face that is not in shreds, so I am trying very hard to be patient.)

“Uh… nothin’. We doin’ nothin’, lady.” (Lilly, left, and Lincoln)

Good night innernets. (Cinnaspin)


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2-22-23 Wednesday — 3 Comments

  1. Linzer in the “No, it’s okay, lady” picture cracks me UP! Look, it’s clear to all of us readers that Ms. Linzer really has a lot to put up in terms of accommodating your shenanigans (aka normal activity). Hee. (Also – the ears.)

    Alice sitting like that to look at the birds is adorable.

    And love the alumni update on Sylvie and Minnie!!

    And, last but not least, it’s good to see that Cinnaspin’s side-eye game is still going strong (in the “3-level organizer” picture).