2-22-19 Friday

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I will be calling Almanzo every other name I can remember Mrs. Olson calling him like Galzammo or calling him Manny bc that was Laura’s nn for him. Yes I watched the show religiously. Only read some of the books.

I distinctly remember her calling him “Zaldamo” at one point, and it still makes me laugh!


Those kittens are big! How do they compare in photos to other litters at one week old? I would not be surprised if their one week weights equal or exceed Caroline’s weight.

I don’t have photo comparisons between these guys and previous kittens at the moment (because yesterday was a busy day and I didn’t get a chance to go back through pictures), but the weight range of previous litters at 6 or 7 days old breaks down like this:

Katia’s kittens were 5.6 – 7.8 ounces.
Kristi’s kittens were 5.8 – 7.3 ounces.
Mercury’s kittens were 6.5 – 8 ounces (at 6 days old).
Nola’s kittens were 7.3 – 8.7 ounces (at 6 days old).
Regina’s kittens were 6.9 – 7.9 ounces.
Khaleesi’s kittens were 5.2 – 6.8 ounces.
Kate’s kittens were 7-8.5 ounces (at 6 days old).

(I don’t have weights on Emmy’s, Maggie’s, or Kara’s kittens.)

The Half Pints ranged from 6.5 – 7.9 ounces yesterday, so I’d say they’re right in line with where they oughta be (and aren’t the giants they seem to be!)


I have a question, do you know what the right weight for a 3 month old kitten is? My kitten turned 3 months old a few days ago, and he weighs 2.2 lbs, and he’s the biggest of his litter.

It depends on the kitten, of course (some are going to naturally be smaller, some larger), but Susan (the Challenger’s House manager) once told me that about a pound a month for the first few months (1 pound at 1 month, 2 pounds at 2 months, etc) is about right, and that seems right to me. (If someone else has a different answer to this question, please chime in!) Any possibility yours are munchkins?


I was curious about the Charles/Caroline bonding thing. It didn’t seem like it to me either (from the pics and based on what you were saying, Robyn) but I’m still curious so I have a question.

How do you know he’s bonded to HER and it’s not just a matter of him needing *A* (i.e. ANY) cat companion? Is it that he’s just lonely and needs a pal or is it something deeper than that, and how can you (i.e. we, as possible future foster moms. i.e. me) determine the difference?

That is a really good question, and honestly I don’t know for sure that it’s Charles being bonded to her and not to just any other cat. With a litter of kittens, it’s easy to tell because the bonded kittens seek each other out. With just Charles and Caroline (as adults), he seeks her out, but is it because she’s the only other cat around? I don’t know!

Maybe as the kittens grow, we’ll be able to tell (ie, if he seeks out the nearest kitten to snuggle with rather than looking for her.)


Robyn, I had read that kittens have a “favorite” nipple when they nurse and they always go to that nipple. Have you seen that in your experience? I noticed in the video of the half-pints nursing, that they did not seem to have “assigned nipples”, the 2 most active seemed to be trying a few. Did they not read the manual or are they having a hard time making up their minds?

It’s been my experience that they have a preferred nipple, but if they can’t get to it, they’ll whine a little and then give up and go to another one.


To kick off your weekend in style, how about a little series (that may never be repeated again or might be repeated with every litter of kittens; who knows?) I like to call (drumroll please)…

Kittens in Mugs. (Because why not?)






Some of the kittens got a little complainy when I was taking pictures, and Caroline was too busy eating to care, but guess who moseyed on over to see what was going on?

Willie and Pa. “Whatcha whining about, kid?”

Mary and Pa. You can’t tell from this picture (or the previous one), but he actually licked those kittens on their little bitty heads to reassure them. How sweet is that?

Willie and someone’s toeses.

Line ’em up! That’s Mary facing the opposite way from everyone else.

Albert takes a snooze. Or is wide awake. Who can tell? Open those eyes, kid!

Laura at the milk bar – and do you see Albert back there hugging his mama’s arm? Awww.

Laura’s all “Hi, innernets! Hi hi!”

Lined up at the milk bar. At the top (nearest Caroline’s face) and moving down, we have Mary, Almanzo, Albert and Laura – and Willie over there on the far left.


Kara, looking over the windowsill into the kitchen. Is she a pretty girl, or what?


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  1. Kara is a beautiful girl alright! Totally kissable.

    I had to think for a sec who Willie was – Nellie’s turd of a brother, right? Oh those sweet little faces…

    I guess Charles has stepped up to the plate and taken full responsibility? No sign of aggression from him at all towards any of the Half Pints? Pretty sure Ma would beat his ass if he tried…

    • Zero sign of aggression from him toward the kittens. If I’m holding one and hold it out to him, he’ll sniff it – it’s when they really start crying that he gets concerned and comes over to lick them, which is really just way too sweet.

  2. Those mugs on their own are nothing without kittens in them!! They take on an incredibly delightful quality once filled to the brim with kitteny goodness!!

  3. Having Pa involved in the family certainly adds to the cuteness. A fun new experience for us!

  4. OMG – kittens in mugs with their daddy!!! I’m dead from the cute

    FYI – I’ve heard the same kitten math – about a pound a month up to about 5 months. That said, I normally have at least one kitten that didn’t get the memo and lags behind screwing with the system 🙂

      • They will be mamas size too soon

        I am sorry to be so stupid, is there any way to not fill in the name and email? Also lazy and depressed….

        • No, there’s no way to leave a comment without providing a name and email address – but since neither is verified, you can put fakes in both those fields.

  5. Thank you 🙂
    I don’t think they’re munchkins, they’re perfectly proportionate, and their mother is 12 lbs and their father is over 20 lbs, the kittens seem really active and healthy though

    • Maybe they’re just late bloomers! Alice was tiny when we got her (so small I thought she was 6 weeks old; she turned out to be 6 months old) and the vet said she probably wouldn’t get much over 6 pounds. She’s 11 pounds. It just took her time to grow to her full potential. That they’re active and healthy is a very good sign.

      • Thank you 🙂
        I have a cat who is the opposite, I was told she would be really big, because she had really big paws (she still does), and her father was this over 20 lb ragdoll, but now she’s full grown and only 5 lbs, but she still has pretty big paws

  6. Oh the “Mug Shots” are so cute! I love basket photos personally though, and can’t wait till they are old enough to be featured there.

  7. This comment is for Robyn as to whether a kitten has a favorite nipple. YES a kitten will pick a specific nipple, when it is born. The kitten puts it’s scent on that nipple so it can be easily found. I learned the scent smell by raising hundreds of kittens in my lifetime. I have had to remove a squatter kitten, because I was afraid that the owner kitten would injure the eyes of the squatter, with all the scratching and kicking of the owner kitten. The squatter had to be put at it’s nipple or sometimes put back with it’s own mama. Since I grew up in the country, we had sometimes as many as 32 mama cats and kittens in the Springtime. The cats were not spayed or neutered at that time, since I am a dinosaur now. People always wanted our kittens, because the mamas were excellent mousers. Our kittens were kept with their mamas until the kittens were 3 months old. The mamas had the time to teach their babies how to hunt and good hunters were all the babies. People always asked to have our kittens.

  8. Kittens in Mugs – adorable!! Reminds me of Starsky and Hutch in their mugs. (I hope those two are doing well.)

    As for Charles checking on those babies while in the mugs – SO sweet!!