2-21-19 Thursday

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Guess what?! We have sexed and named the kittens! Innernets, please consider this your official introduction to the Half Pints.

Little White Feets is a girl, and she is Laura.

Little Dab o’ Blue is a girl, and she is Mary.

Little Dab o’ Yellow is a boy, and he is Albert.

Little Dab o’ Green & Orange is a boy, and he is Almanzo.

Little Dab o’ Pink is a boy, and he is Willie.

I know there are some who are disappointed that there’s no Nellie, but Fred was pretty adamant that the two girls needed to be Mary and Laura, so I went with it.

I did weigh them yesterday, and they now weigh as follows (with their birth weight in parentheses).

Mary: 7.0 ounces (3.5)
Laura: 6.5 ounces (3.3)
Willie: 7.1 ounces (3.9)
Almanzo: 7.9 ounces (4.0)
Albert: 7.4 ounces (4.0)

I’ll get them added to the sidebar – and their weight chart added to their page – this weekend, now that I know who’s who.

Up against the milk bar, kids.

For comparison purposes, here are the kittens at the milk bar (and one BEHIND the milk bar) a week ago:

Willie on the right, and… I have no idea who those two other kittens are.

Laura, front and center.

So sweet.

Mary’s belly-up, and doesn’t she have some delightful spots?

That’s Willie on the bottom of the pile, all “Halllllp!” (I kid, he was sound asleep.)

Do you SEE the little smile on Laura’s face? She loves her mama.


“I see you, lady.” Dewey does not appreciate the rain.


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2-21-19 Thursday — 17 Comments

  1. Wow. They have almost literally doubled in size in a week. Impressive. Caroline, you keep feeding those babies like this and you will HAVE TO move to the big crate!! Good job!!! 🙂

  2. Hi little Half Pints! Looks like Pa better get moving on building that addition to the cabin, because those babies are getting CHUNKY…

    Hi Dewey!

  3. Fred’s right. Only two girls in the litter have to be Mary and Laura. And I think it’s fitting that Laura is the different one – in the books she always was a little rebellious.

    Hi Dewey!

  4. I agree with Fred – the girls had to be Laura and Mary. Plus, I feel like Nellie would have to be yellow/buff…. No matter what their names, they’re adorable! Caroline, you are doing a fantastic job!

  5. Such cuties! And all your fosters seem to “blossom” into large kitties eventually.

    I think we’re getting 40 days and nights of rain here in Alabama! Ugh. Waiting on the sun….as I’m sure the cats are too.

  6. Hi hi hi babies!!! So nice to know your names… I’m so happy that there is an Almanzo. Shhh… no one tell Albert that he is not actually in the books, it is still a fine handle to have! (I’m not going to lie, I was kinda hoping for a Royal as Almanzo’s brother, but I do love all the chosen names.) Good job, Robyn and Fred (and Caroline and Charles)!

    “I have no idea who those two other kittens are.” HA!!!

  7. The big question is……….
    Which one of those BROWN TABBIES will become a permanent resident 🙂

    • I have a feeling none of them will, and I don’t think it’s our place as readers to try to influence Robyn and Fred’s decisions. I suspect they’re trying to bring the permanent resident count down a bit, honestly, and I don’t blame them.

      • Not trying to influence of course, just pointing out that Robyn sure does have a fondness for the brown tabbies!

  8. OMGosh – you and Fred are going to have a devil of a time with the who’s who!!! The bottom 4 are nearly identical – I guess just ask mama – they always know! So happy for my morning fix! TY!

    • I’m starting to see differences when I look at their backs. Some are darker and less caramel, and some have more ticking than others. If I can see a back and a paint dab in the same photo, I think I can pick them out.

  9. <3 the names and the introduction! They are getting so big. It will be fun to watch this group grow up as always.
    P.S. I will be calling Almanzo every other name I can remember Mrs. Olson calling him like Galzammo or calling him Manny bc that was Laura's nn for him. Yes I watched the show religiously. Only read some of the books.

  10. “Willie on the right, and… I have no idea who those two other kittens are.” — You make it sound like they strolled in from outdoors! MoL 🙂