2-21-23 Tuesday

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Cinnaspin’s watching Rocco, and Rocco’s watching to see if someone is going to feed him, because he is clearly STARRRRVING. (No, he does not want to come inside.)

Linzer’s face just kills me. “Lady! NO! You can’t be here, listening to secret kitty meetings! It is FORBIDDEN!”

Linzer loves to walk from one cabinet to the other via the covered trash can. Look, she takes her fun where she can find it, okay?

Cinnaspin and the post-nap stretch.


Lilly’s all “Toss more toys, lady. I don’t have enough.”

Lincoln’s all “Lady, how dare you.”


Honorary permanent resident Trixie has worn herself out with the track toys, and is taking a short nap.


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Linzer’s countin’ the days!

Cinnaspin would like me to know that this clothes basket would be a lot more comfy if there were clothes in it.

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On Saturday Francesca and Nacho were adopted (together!) and went to a wonderful home in Maryland where they join a family that includes one of our former fosters (Reggie, formerly Luc, from 2019).

Here’s their video of pictures from when they joined us (August 1, 2022) to the day they were adopted (February 18, 2023.) It’s long, but it’s worth it to watch those girls grow – complete with a purring soundtrack.

Lilly looks for her escape route.

Good night innernets. (Linzer)


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  1. You and your hubby are the best foster parents in the whole world! I commend and thank you for all you do for “God’s Innocent” You are definitely two of his most prized angels.

  2. Lincoln seems to be competing with Linzer for the title of Biggest-Eyed Kitten! I don’t think he can beat Linzer, though.