5-10-22 Tuesday

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Mimosa and the Sprouts have had the run of the upstairs (which basically doubles their space – my bedroom and office are about the same size as the foster room and litter closet, and then there’s a small bathroom off the hall) for a few days now. Usually what happens when fosters get more room is that they spend their first day wildly exploring, their second day refusing to leave the foster room, and then in the days after that, they’re all over the place. What happened with these guys, though, is that they spent the first day in the foster room, and in the days since they’ve been mostly in my bedroom, only returning to the foster room to eat or use the litter box.

(They go back into the foster room, with the door closed, for the night and then come back out again when I get up in the morning, usually around 6.)

Kudzu, Mondo and Clover on my bed.

“Am sleepy, lady.”

Clover found this comfy heart-shaped bed pretty quickly, and all the kittens really like it.

Defiant little faces. “This our bed now, lady.”

Mimosa appreciates my bed, too.

Bramble and Hollyhock in the heart bed.

Same back yard, different view (this is the window in my room). Kudzu and Mondo approve.

Hollyhock’s all “Make room for me!”

Fred gave the kittens some Churu, and I love how Mondo’s licking the remnants off of Clover’s face while Clover’s all “I was gonna eat that!”

They’re definitely Churu fans.


It’s a basket full o’ Newt.


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Clover thought he’d start the morning by wrassling that yellow packing strap. Hollyhock thought she’d start the morning with the ol’ chomperoo.

Mewchachos kittens Taco (black; formerly Javier) and Fizgig (gray; formerly Alejandro) from 2020 are all grown up and beyootiful!⁠

Sara says: “Taco (Javier) and Fizgig (Alejandro) say hello and would like you to know that Fizgig is definitely still the baby.”⁠

(Thanks Sara!)

Mewchachos kittens Rocky (gray; formerly Pablo) and Flint (black; formerly Diego) are floofy and gorgeous! Callie reports that Rocky Pablo (now Rocky) has NOT changed one bit, he’s still quite the character. (If you know our permanent residents, you’ll see that Rocky obviously caught a case of Jake’s loons while he was our foster. And Diego bears more than a passing resemblance to Khal!)⁠

Thanks, Callie!

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Kudzu’s (current) favorite toy, which he does not want to share, thank you.

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Please note that Hollyhock noped out of play time at the very beginning. She had better things to do, I guess. The boys proceeded to wrassle, startle each other, do some skittering. It was a lot of fun packed into a few short minutes!

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The kittens really like it, after dark, when I turn the lights on in the kitten room, because it attracts bugs that fly at the window trying to get inside. Kudzu was watching the bugs, and Mimosa jumped up to see what was going on, startling Kudzu, who put on his floof suit.

Good night innernets. (Kudzu)


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