5-26-22 Thursday

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Here’s another couple of pictures of the barrier at the top of the stairs (as mentioned in yesterday’s blog post), if you’re interested.

We thought briefly that we’d let the kittens out to free-roam the house for a bit, but they walked through those balustrades on the stairwell so fast that it’s clear we need to block those off as well.

So they’re limited to the upstairs for a few more days at least until I can get that done.

We brought Uncle Archie upstairs for a visit.

Hollyhock greeted him.

No fear, that girl. She was all UP in his business.

Then Mondo came for a look-see.

He gave Uncle Archie the ol’ hisseroo!

Archie handled it well at first, but after a few moments of contemplation he got MAD and stomped to the door at the top of the stairs and demanded to be let out. (Archie is 100% the cat version of me.)

Later, Uncle Charlie came up for a visit.

Mondo was all “HOW MANY STRANGE CATS ARE THERE?!” (Oh, you have NO idea, Mondo.)

Charlie checked out the kitten food (of course) while Hollyhock watched.

Clover VERY much wanted to be friends, and Hollyhock just rolled around and flirted.

“Hi Mister Uncle Charlie, let’s be friends!”

Charlie stayed for about 10 minutes before he decided there were too many kittens and he wanted out. Hopefully he’ll be up for more visits soon!


Dewey has no interest in any visits with any kittens, THANK YOU.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

The Sprouts are twelve weeks old! This is what they look like now when they’re not racing around like crazy things. If you’re interested in their weights, you can see the spreadsheet right here.

Our hearts go out to former foster Maggie (2008) and her family Alex, Sara and Henry, who recently lost their sweet kitty Bailey. ❤️⁠

Alex said: I wanted to share a Maggie update, which I can imagine many people can relate to.⁠

Last week, we said goodbye to our oldest cat, Bailey. Bailey was 16 years old; my wife, Sara, had raised him from a kitten. Bailey was a wonderful cat who was a great snuggler. For over a year, I had been managing Bailey’s diabetes, thyroid problems and kidney problems, and overall, I was pretty successful. But recently, his health declined, and we knew it was time.⁠

Almost every day, I would find Bailey and Maggie snuggling; I know they loved each other so much. Maggie definitely seems a little different, a little sadder. I know she misses Bailey as much as we do, so I do my best to give her extra love throughout the day. She is our only cat now, having lost Tucker almost two years ago and Bailey now. She is still so loved and I think she, like us, is starting to heal. I’ve included several pictures of Bailey and Maggie sharing the love.

YouTube link
Mondo is very talkative when he’s sleepy. His little voice just kills me!

Line ’em up! Left to right: Hollyhock, Bramble, Kudzu, Clover and Mondo.⁠

If you missed it, all the kittens are adoption pending! They’ll have their spay/neuter surgery next Wednesday (June 1st) and then start heading home after that, except for Clover, who will stay with us ’til mid-June and then go home after his adopters get home from a trip.⁠

YouTube link
Time for the daily toy toss. Please note that Clover isn’t leaping around like his siblings, but he is right in the middle of things. He loves a good toy toss.

It’s a Kudzu-Bramble-banana pie! My favorite!

Good night innernets. (Bramble)


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