5-24-22 Tuesday

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Mimosa went home yesterday morning (I kid you not when I tell you she pretty much climbed into the carrier on her own. I just had to poke her a little to get her all the way in, and then zipped it closed.) That girl was ready to GO.

Today’s post contains the last of the pictures I took of her.

Hanging out in the window hammock with Bramble lurking nearby.

Mimosa pie! (Yep, I sent a pie plate home with her along with her bag of toys and a small blanket.)

Her belly fur is growing back nicely.

Have I mentioned that she’s a fan of catnip? She very much is.

The kittens were bugging her, so she jumped up here and then said “I could probably hang out comfortably up here if you didn’t keep stacking stuff up here instead of putting it away.” (She is so right.)

In her pink onesie, hanging out in a cardboard box. As you do.

“Really, lady?”

Checking out the carrier that’ll take her to her kitten-free life while Amy fills out the paperwork.

One last look at me in the mirror.

The kittens have adjusted fine to her absence – they were a little whiny right after she left, and I thought “Oh, they miss her!” Turns out that because I’d fed them a very light breakfast (I didn’t want Mimosa to get sick on the drive home), they were hungry. Once fed, they raced around and played, and then took long afternoon naps. In the evening, they walked around looking a little puzzled, like they knew something was different but they weren’t sure what.

Kittens always adjust really well when their mothers leave, and I don’t expect these guys to be any different.


Uncle Archie has no use for kittens, but he might give ’em the ol’ snifferoo if he comes face to face with them.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

They ain’t scared of the vacuum cleaner (when it’s turned off.) (Mimosa, Kudzu & Mondo)

Hooray, hooray, Mimosa has been adopted and is headed home to Nashville right now! She joins a family that includes three other sweet kitties. Her new family is not sure whether they’ll have a page for her or not, but will let us know. And her name will remain Mimosa!⁠

Happy life, sweet girl! ❤️

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The kittens are having a good time (and I can’t believe I successfully tossed that toy to Clover!)

Look look! It’s Mimosa! Look how relaxed she is already! Amy reports that she loves the back doors. I foresee hours of bird watching for that girl! (Thanks, Amy!)

My office assistants (Clover and Hollyhock) have brought me a pen. (Yesterday my office assistants knocked over the cup of pens on my desk and all the pens disappeared, so this is progress.)⁠

The kittens are doing fine, they don’t even seem to notice that Mimosa is gone.

Good night innernets. (Hollyhock)


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