5-24-20 Weekly Roundup

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“Who, me?” Yes, YOU, Benjamin. YOU need a kiss!

“He’s behind me, isn’t he?” (Honey & Bugs)⁠

Bugs is watching Mama’s bath technique and Bunny would like a little PRIVACY if y’don’t mind.

I think Lola needs a kiss. Lola doesn’t think she needs a kiss, but she’s wrong.

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Giving Bugs the ol’ BOOPeroo.

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Hanging out in the kitten room while Bunny eats. (I’m not sure where Bugs was. Behind me somewhere, I think.)

Good night innernets. (Benjamin in my lap.)

Bugs started coming out of the crate but he had just woken up and was very sleepy and wasn’t sure he had the emotional strength to deal with the day, so he just stayed like that, half in and half out of the crate, for the longest time. Finally, he went back to bed.

Honey, Lola and Benjamin are being slackers today.⁠

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Discussing with Benjamin Bunny (1) how cute he is, and (2) how he licks everything.

She’s not interested in cat food yet, but Honey can slurp water out of the water bowl like nobody’s business.

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Bugs was purring when he came over to me, but of course once I started the video, he stopped and wouldn’t purr again. Also: Honey hanging out in the scratcher, about to drop off to sleep. CUTIES.

Lola poses.

Good night innernets. (Honey – and yes, she did fall asleep right there.)

Bugs and his Mama.⁠

I am trying very hard to get a decent picture of Lola’s belly, but she’s not inclined to cooperate, and the lighting isn’t the best, but this is what we’ve got now. A belly with peachy-pink tabby patches and some splotches of gray. Delightful!

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BOOPing Benjamin.

Defiant little faces.

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Lola’s been eating litter – and she’s got excellent timing (spitting that piece of litter out right after I tell her she ought to spit it out. She’s a little comedian!)⁠ (Eating litter is perfectly normal, all kittens do it at this age; just like human babies, everything goes to the mouth first, it’s how they explore their world.)

Honey would like to know just what I think I’m doing.

Good night innernets. (Benjamin & Honey)

Bunny’s going for her spay surgery this morning, and we’ll all be glad to have that done and over with!

Bunny’s spay surgery went great – she’s home and back with her kittens (I took this picture about 10 minutes ago.) I thought I’d keep her in the bathroom for a little while so she could rest and recover, and she made it very clear that she didn’t want that. She’s been grooming her kittens and is letting them nurse. (To answer the question: why have her spayed when they’re still nursing? – I like to get them spayed as soon as possible to avoid them going into heat. We did not successfully avoid Bunny going into heat – Monday I said “Wow, she’s friendly today… OH.” and by yesterday she was doing the low march and the calling for a mate. Now there’ll be no more heat cycles, no more kittens, and Bunny is doing well. And yes, she’ll continue to produce milk so the kittens can continue to nurse.)

Good night innernets, from Bugs curled up in the back of the ToastyCat bed.

Bunny’s doing great after her spay surgery yesterday, now she would like me to let her nap in peace.

Still a cutie, and he knows it.

It’s funny how Honey’s eyes photograph as so blue when they’re really almost all a pretty green already, with just a thin line of blue around the outside of her iris.

Seriously, I could just SQUOOSH that boy! (Benjamin)

The current fosters might be the first batch named after bunnies, but here’s a throwback to a kitten with bunny ears (and doesn’t she look pleased about it?) Arya, our foster along with her brothers Brandon, Hodor, and Jon Snow back in 2013 was one of our bottle babies. They were discovered in someone’s back yard, and the lady who found them brought them to the vet at just the right time. They came home with me, and they grew to be a gorgeous bunch. Arya is now Daisy, and lives in South Carolina! (Yes, her people drove from SC to Alabama to get her.)

The earlier picture of Arya (our foster from 2013) reminded me of my first picture of her brother Jon Snow. It’s blurry, but somehow I think that makes it even better! (Jon Snow was adopted locally and became brother to one of our previous fosters, Baby Beans.)

Good night innernets!

Lola’s still loving that scratcher!

I was reminded that May 19th marks 15 years since our very first fosters, so here’s my favorite picture of them – mother Mia and her kittens Edgar & Oy (nearly identical black and white tuxies), Flossie (white with black spots), Snoopy (mostly white with brown tabby patches) and Peanut (brown tabby and white.) With the current litter, we’re at 406 fostered since 2005 (though we did take nearly a year off after we adopted Sugarbutt and Tom Cullen, kittens from our 3rd set of fosters.) (I’ve not gotten updates on any of these kittens, who were all adopted out through Petsmart in 2005, but should someone out there have adopted one of them, I’d love to hear from you!)

Two years ago we fostered pregnant Kristi and her pregnant daughter Katia. Katia had her 4 kittens first, and then Kristi made us wait FOREVER before she had her 6 (when Katia’s were about 3 weeks old). They grew up together, the kittens were all adopted, and then Kristi and Katia went to Michelle’s house for “boot camp” in hopes that they could be convinced that humans aren’t so bad. Kristi ended up being a true lovebug and a lapcat, and though we thought that she and Katia were a bonded pair, what was discovered was that as long as Katia had another cat to hang out with, she didn’t care who it was. Kristi was fine with that – and was adopted in January of this year. Katia is still at Michelle’s house, still not convinced that humans are all that great, but Michelle is able (I hear) to pet her. Which is more than I was ever able to do! I got to see Katia the other day while Bunny was being spayed, and here she is, keeping a wary eye on me (she’s the beautiful black kitty with a sprinkle of white on her chest). Gorgeous girl!

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Watching Honey Bunny scamper about.

Good night innernets. (Lola)

“Excuse you, lady, we is having a snuggle.

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Honey’s all “I just wanna hang out of the scratcher and take a bath, and someone keeps BITING MY BUTT!” (It was Benjamin.)

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As you do. (I don’t know where Bugs was – running around doing his own thing, I would imagine.)

Bunny’s Fluffles are slowly learning to eat canned food. They won’t eat it off a plate, but Bugs and Lola will eat it off the floor/mat, and Honey and Benjamin (not pictured) will eat it out of my hand. We’re getting there!

Benjamin in the scratcher, looking like he’s about to fall asleep.

Bugs gives that dangling toy the ol’ whapperoo.

Good night innernets. (Lola and Benjamin)


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