5-25-20 Monday

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Let’s get right to it, shall we? The Fluffles have a couple of new add-ins, and here they are.

Say hello to Clyde Bunny, a floofy white and orange boy kitten.

And say hello to Cutey Bunny, a (possibly floofy) tortie with a touch of the loons.

They came from the same rural shelter Charles and Caroline came from and Margeaux and Katriane and all of the Mainers. They were turned in as strays, and though they were being bottle fed, the shelter is no place for small kittens, and so we thought we’d see if Bunny wanted to take on a couple of extras.

So I set them up in a box in the foster room.

Bunny said “What am I hearing?”

“What am I looking at, here?”


In a shocking coincidence, Bunny realized that AT THAT VERY MOMENT she had a pressing appointment, so she jumped the NOPE train to NOPESville, checked into the NOPES Motel, was the keynope speaker at the annual NOPE Conference and is preparing her TED talk on the subject of “Nope, Nope, and also NOPE.”

“Where she go?”

So I set Cutey and Clyde up in their own luxury condo. For most of Saturday I’d let them out when I was in the room so they could run around, and then I’d put them back when I left the room. They were okay with it, but after a day of watching Bunny’s reaction to them (hissing if they got too close, occasionally growling, smacking if they didn’t get the hint, but nothing truly mean or anything that would hurt them) I left them out most of yesterday. I put them in the cage overnight, and will probably continue to do that for a few more days.

That’s a Snuggle Kitty (with a heart that makes a beating sound inside) they’re snuggled up to. You can also buy a replacement heart for less money and use your own stuffed animal, and I suspect it’d work just as well. Also this is a bit less expensive (I haven’t tried that one, though).

When the other Fluffles met Clyde and Cutey, there was no reaction at all. No floofing, no skittering, no hissing or growling. I wouldn’t say Cutey and Clyde are fully integrated just yet, but they all play as if they’ve always been together.

Bunny might soften toward them – it’s only been a couple of days – but she also might not, and that’s fine.

Speaking of Bunny, she’s been so great with her neck until Friday. I caught her scratching at her wound and re-wrapped it and hoped she’d leave it alone, but on Saturday she scratched at it and made it bleed quite a bit, so I did what I’ve been avoiding doing…

“You’re on my list, lady.”

I didn’t want to have to put a collar on her, but by Sunday morning it was completely dry, scabbed over, not at all weepy or bleeding, so I suspect she’d been scratching at it when I wasn’t around to see. (Which, I know, it has to itch like crazy, poor Bunny.) Hopefully it’ll finish healing quickly and she can go without anything around her neck – she doesn’t love it and she’s been snappy, and I know that she doesn’t like not being able to see through it (we don’t have the clear cones here, but I also don’t really like those, because they’re stiff plastic and this collar is at least a soft collar.)

So it’s been kind of a big weekend for Bunny, between the new kittens and having to wear this darn collar.

I believe Cutey and Clyde are about a week younger than Bunny’s kittens, so maybe 5 weeks old, give or take a little. They move like younger kittens, they’re bottle-feeding (but are also interested in the bowl of Babycat kibble). They use the litter box really well, and they’re in good shape. Weight-wise, they’re comparable to Bunny’s kittens, though they’re shorter and wider than Bunny’s kittens are. They are also extremely friendly and will climb right into your lap and fall asleep (Cutey did just that when Teresa came by yesterday!)


I don’t know what Newt’s looking at, but it’s apparently surprising.


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5-25-20 Monday — 9 Comments

  1. Really Bunny, how could you turn away from those little faces?!!

    Maybe it’s just the lighting or angle, but were any of Bunny’s Fluffles born with a touch of a fever coat? Or are the just sporting really hip suits?

  2. EEEEE! Hello newbies! *snuggles* And friendly lap newbies? Squee!

    I’m with you there, Bunny; healing wounds are a draaaaaag.

  3. Wanted to let you know that I got my silent auction prize on Saturday and it is great (nightshirt and slippers). Thank you so much for sending so quickly, even with your full house!

  4. So thrilled the kittens are getting along! Mama simply itches( low degree of pain,really), so her temper is short, bless her. She’ll feel better soon While I know you didn’t want the soft collar, the face that it’s scabbing over is good. Can you put some baby Benedryl on the scab? It might help! There ought to be something that be used locally for her itch. Feel better,sweet Mama & supportive kittens.

  5. Hi, Cutey and Clyde — welcome to the best thing that ever happened to you!

    Poor Bunny! Maybe she’ll return from Nopesville when her neck is feeling better. Of course, she’s probably taking this time to finish up her Ted Talk, so she may feel she needs to stay nopey for a day or two!