5-22-20 Friday

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From Carolyn: As others have noted, Bunny seems to have unusually long and splendid eyebrows/antenna. I got to wondering what her reception distance was, thinking it might be as far as Radio Moscow. I did some investigation, and was amazed to find it went even further, as evidenced by the transmission I intercepted and translated below:

To: Headquarters, Research Vessel faEVITH* (*no translation available)
From: Agent dvf1asfd65G*

Status Update: Infiltration progressing splendidly. Was able to remove landing navigation device shortly after landing with only minor damage to exoskeleton. Additional damage to “fur” during transporter process conveniently confused humans into thinking I was a “stray.” Search for sustenance lead to immediate “capture” as planned. While the two humans were busy removing damaged “fur”, I expelled the larvae operatives. Sadly, 2 did not survive the journey. We may need to further narrow acceptable vaas* wave limits.

It appears that the coloring choices were appropriate. It is good that FSEWRO;v’s* proposal for a larvae with green stripes was overruled. Since arriving at my current location I have taken the time to hack into the primitive communication systems available here, and while our intelligence gathering was correct in choosing this species to imitate, as it clearly dominates the entire “internet” (which the humans foolishly think is the pinnacle of communications),the feline species has relatively bland coloring options. Please tell the planning team to discontinue the neon operative options.

At almost 5 weeks into the exploration phase, this planet seems quite suitable for further occupation. The humans seem completely enamored of myself and the larvae operatives, and have been very easy to train to provide food. A small engine noise is all it takes to receive food, toys and a “petting” behavior, which is quite pleasant. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to train the humans to assist in cleaning up the larvae’s digestive output, so perhaps they are not as intelligent as originally hoped. This particular location seems to be excellent for infiltration of further operatives, as these humans actually habitually pass their non-permanent-resident felines to other locations on purpose and have become quite successful in this practice. My only remaining concern is the existence of said “permanent residents,” and whether my disguise will pass muster once I come into contact with them.

My final note is that, as an additional concern about the relative intelligence of the human species, while I and the other operatives clearly meet the specifications of the feline species, these particular humans have named us as lapins. I am uncertain as to the source of this confusion.

I could not possibly love this more.


Is Bunnykittyskunk much of a purrer? I’m going to hazard a guess that she is.

She actually doesn’t purr very much, and I’ve wondered if it’s got anything to do with her neck wound. Of course, some cats just don’t purr as much – she certainly seems happy enough, I would have expected her to purr up a storm.


About the lettuce and tomato toys, you might also consider including some mustard, ketchup, and mayo condiment packet toys. My cat used to have a catnip candy bar (flat felt with filling). I’d suggest pickle relish, but it would be too messy, lol.

This reminds me that I actually have some cat toys that look like hot sauce. Hot sauce on a kitten sandwich? Hmmm.

I’m trying to enlist Fred into crocheting me a leaf of lettuce and a tomato, and I think he’s going to go for it!


I can’t wait to see how Bunny looks when her coat grows back in. Are those darker spots in her fur or just places where they didn’t cut the fur down as far? Does she have black guard hairs and a smokey grey undercoat?

Her fur’s growing in unevenly, which means she has some patches longer than others, and makes her look spotted. Here’s a picture of her from the day she gave birth – as you can see, they’d gotten some of her side shaved before she gave birth. I don’t think she’s got a smokey undercoat, I think her fur is black with white patches.


How is Bunny’s neck healing? She’s still wearing her kerchief. I bet she will be gorgeous once her fur grows in.


I hope Bunnie’s ouchie is getting better– does she wear her “collar” without messing with it?

Bunny’s neck is healing well. She handles having her dressing changed with no problem, and the dressing/wrap don’t bother her. I haven’t seen her attempt to scratch her wound, and it looks great!


So is the Toasty cat bed still being shunned by all the kittens unless you plop them inside it?

Actually, I’ve seen a couple of them climb into it, and Bugs even fell asleep in it the other night. I have hopes that one day I’ll walk into the room and see all of them curled up in it asleep.


Does Bunny have THUMBS??? I feel you would’ve mentioned this, so it must be the angle.

No, she’s just got big paws and they’re floofy. No thumbs in this bunch!


I have a habit of reading the old posts for the same day (because you provide the handy links and I love looking back at kittens I’ve followed) and I noticed that today it’s 15 years since you started fostering. Have you counted how many kittens and cats that is?

With the current bunch, we’ve had a total of 406 cats and kittens. I keep saying I should put that number in the sidebar, but I’m pretty sure I would fail to keep it updated (you’ll note that I still haven’t made a page for The Fluffles yet!)


Okay, how many feet long IS Bunny’s tail??? Seriously, I can’t remember a cat in your house, foster OR permanent, with a tail like that!!! She does look like she’s going to be a very purty girl once she gets all the fur issues worked out; I LOVE her white moostache!!! (Let’s face it, not many gals can pull off that kind of look. 😉

I think it looks longer than it actually is because it’s shaved. It looks lonnnnng and skinny, but it looks like normal length to me. (Of course, if I’d thought ahead back in 2005 and started measuring cats’ and kittens’ tails, I’d be able to compare. Oh, 2005 Robyn, why you didn’t think of this?)


I find it amusing how Bugs and Lola have opposite (and therefore matching) white stripes on the sides of their noses. They are almost like mirror twins.

Lola’s peachy-pink spots are so light that very often when I look at her I think she’s Bugs, and vice versa!


Wasn’t it Sheriff Mama who used to sit at a window and growl at the neighbor at Crooked Acres? Oh, yeah – found it. She was a new mama at the time, too. Must be part of the hormonal pkg. What’s Archie’s excuse? 😉

It’s got to be a territorial thing – Jake also growls at strangers!


Why yes, it IS Benjamin Bunny in a bunny party hat. He’s not sure what he thinks about this “hat” business.

Princess Honey.

“Gonna get you for that, lady.”

Sleepy Lola.

A sleepy bunch.

Bugs is all “Wow, lady. Someone needs to clean that mirror. Who would make a mirror all smeary and gross like that?”

A little while later…

Bunny’s all “Really, lady. You still haven’t cleaned that mirror?”


Sleepy lineup.

Benjamin needs a kiss.

Bugs is amazed. By… everything.


Dewey’s keeping an eye out for Earl the Skwerl.


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5-22-20 Friday — 10 Comments

  1. Bunny reminds me of very sophisticated ladies from like the 60s with her neck kerchief or neck scarf if you will…makes her look glamorous in a Jackie Kennedy sort of way. Love Bunny and the Fluffles!

  2. Laughed my head off with the secret transmission intercept. Just what I needed to kickstart my morning. Thanks!

  3. Additional praise for Carolyn regarding the story-great job!
    Additional challenge for Fred to go with the lettuce and tomato-BACON!!

  4. Carolyn! You should do something with this FANTASTIC first draft, tv, movie, cartoon, NETFLIX pitch! With her special brand of humor, Carolyn runs the show. Oooo… the merch possibilities!

  5. Many thanks to Robyn and the others who enjoyed the story. Having a comment posted on Friday by Robyn always feels like winning the lottery. The extra voices of approval have made me feel on top of the world.

  6. Carolyn, you win an Internet. Once for the Radio Moscow reference (I never heard that one on the air, but other shortwave nerds have told me things), and once for the fantastic story itself. So much love!

    Awwwww, Bunny Kittynotaskunk. Some kitties just don’t purr much, it’s true. *pets her a bunch anyway* <3

    Oh, by the way, Robyn. I showed one of your recent posts to my seven-year-old niece, Laura. She a) thought Benjamin and Honey were super cute, b) said Alice was adorable (her wording, and she's totally right), and c) cracked up laughing at the Alice Mo the calico song. 😀