5-5-22 Thursday

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Hollyhock in the tent. (They have yet to flatten that tent, which is just amazing to me. Maybe it’s a particularly sturdy one?)

Kudzu giving me the teenage attitude.

Bramble really likes that couch.

Bramble taco, anyone?

Prince Kudzu is occupying the crown bed.

Hollyhock and Mondo have a tussle.

It’s a Clover in a basket.

Mondo in the sun. (That boy has amazing ears.)


Khal and his magnificent floof. (That belly is actually NOT a trap. The boy loves a belly rub.)


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Look who’s 9 weeks old today! Doesn’t it seem like yesterday Mimosa was giving birth under that cabinet?

Line ’em up! From left to right: Clover, Bramble, Kudzu, Hollyhock, Mondo, and a very sleepy Mimosa.

OOH. It’s a Clover/Mondo/Kudzu pie! MY FAVORITE!

Mondo’s all “Lady, I keep tellin’ you and tellin’ you, I AIN’T the baby. Get me outta this crib!” (Don’t worry – Mondo got himself INTO that crib, he has NO problem getting himself out of it.)⁠

(We were given that crib (it’s a doll crib, not a full-sized crib. How big do you think Mondo is?!) by a friend of Forgotten Felines of Huntsville in hopes that it would provide cute photo opportunities, and I think we’re going to have a lot of fun with it!)

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Bramble in a MOOD. That boy is wearing his crazy pants – jumping on his siblings, skitterbugging – even a bit of a floof suit going on. Crazy!

Gettin’ a little attitude from Mondo (left) and Clover in the hammock.

Good night innernets. (Bramble)


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