5-5-22 Thursday

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Hollyhock in the tent. (They have yet to flatten that tent, which is just amazing to me. Maybe it’s a particularly sturdy one?)

Kudzu giving me the teenage attitude.

Bramble really likes that couch.

Bramble taco, anyone?

Prince Kudzu is occupying the crown bed.

Hollyhock and Mondo have a tussle.

It’s a Clover in a basket.

Mondo in the sun. (That boy has amazing ears.)


Khal and his magnificent floof. (That belly is actually NOT a trap. The boy loves a belly rub.)


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Look who’s 9 weeks old today! Doesn’t it seem like yesterday Mimosa was giving birth under that cabinet?

Line ’em up! From left to right: Clover, Bramble, Kudzu, Hollyhock, Mondo, and a very sleepy Mimosa.

OOH. It’s a Clover/Mondo/Kudzu pie! MY FAVORITE!

Mondo’s all “Lady, I keep tellin’ you and tellin’ you, I AIN’T the baby. Get me outta this crib!” (Don’t worry – Mondo got himself INTO that crib, he has NO problem getting himself out of it.)⁠

(We were given that crib (it’s a doll crib, not a full-sized crib. How big do you think Mondo is?!) by a friend of Forgotten Felines of Huntsville in hopes that it would provide cute photo opportunities, and I think we’re going to have a lot of fun with it!)

YouTube link
Bramble in a MOOD. That boy is wearing his crazy pants – jumping on his siblings, skitterbugging – even a bit of a floof suit going on. Crazy!

Gettin’ a little attitude from Mondo (left) and Clover in the hammock.

Good night innernets. (Bramble)


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5-5-22 Thursday — 13 Comments

  1. Ok, that’s it- NO MORE CAFFEINE FOR BRAMBLE! Lol Love the video of him on the attack, even looking for his next “victim” to pounce on. Impossible to believe that the beautiful sprouts are 9 weeks old. Robyn, how long do the kittens stay with you? I know I’ve written this before, but it bares repeating, YOU ARE AN AMAZING FOSTER MOTHER . Thank you so much for your hard work and photos of Mamosa and her rapidly growing sprouts.

    • They’re with me ’til they’re spayed/neutered. Some rescues do it at 8 weeks/ 2 pounds, but Forgotten Felines of Huntsville waits until they’re 3 months. Sometimes they’re with me a bit longer if they’re adoption pending and the adopters can’t come until a certain date.

  2. I love all the photos, but especially Mondo in the Sun. Specifically the low angle with a sibling in the window hammock and the van scratcher on its side. Another great album cover.

  3. The picture of Mimosa and all five kittens is fall-over cute. It also shows what a good photographer you are! Loved the Bramble/siblings tussling video, too! =^v^=

  4. I’m curious, where does Mimosa sleep? It doesn’t look like she curls up with the kittens.

    • Usually wherever the kittens aren’t – if they’re on the big cat tree, she flops down in the middle of the floor or in the window hammock. If they’re on the floor (or one of the smaller trees), she likes to snooze in the top of the cat tree. I don’t remember ever seeing her really snuggle up with them, though from time to time a kitten will curl up with her. (When that happens, she stays for a while, and then gets up and moves elsewhere.)

  5. Moody Bramble, rather than Judy Moody, was in a mood. XD I’ve clearly been influenced by my nieces here.

    Is it just me, or is Clover turning into a purr machine just like his mom? I’m judging by the adorable Clover purring videos of late. I initially thought Bramble was going to be the super lovebug of this litter, and for all I know he is one, but I wonder if Clover might also earn that title!

    • Clover does purr quite a bit – but funny enough, he’s the most nervous of the bunch. I am hoping that he gets over his nervousness and decides I’m okay, because I sense that deep down, he’s a lovebug.

  6. Wow, Khal has come so far from his fearful days at Crooked Acres, to asking for belly rubs. Took him a while to figure out he hit the jackpot with you and Fred.

    • It’s crazy how long it took to make friends with him, and now I’d call him the neediest cat we’ve got. I could probably pet him for 73 hours straight and he’d demand more.