5-4-22 Wednesday

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Just one quick picture of the kittens today, because the last couple of days have been devoted to organizing and packing for the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville online auction (which we do here at Love & Hisses Headquarters), and it’s been a little crazy. And I need to go rearrange the boxes that are awaiting pickup by UPS and USPS one more time.

Can you believe these babies are NINE WEEKS OLD? Is true!


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Oooh, big stretch! (Hollyhock)

Nearly 10 (!) years ago, a neighbor knocked at our door. Their daughter had rescued this tiny orange kitten from a dog, and they wanted to know if we could possibly take him. We did, and we added him to the litter we were fostering at the time – the Taters – and named him Cicero.⁠

He didn’t stay Cicero long, because Fred saw him stomping across the floor, which lead to the nickname Stompers.⁠

And this is what that sweet boy looks like today (below)! I swear I would recognize Stompers anywhere. Rumor has it that he’s just as sweet today as he was back then. (I can’t believe he’s 10!) ⁠

(Thanks Kristyn!)

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Hollyhock’s mantra is “Leap and the net will appear.” Only… even if the net doesn’t appear, it doesn’t bother her much!

Mimosa is judging me. I think Hollyhock and Mondo are, too. I feel very judged!

That right there is a basket full o’ CUTE. (Mondo)

Good night innernets. (Hollyhock & Bramble)


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5-4-22 Wednesday — 9 Comments

  1. OMG – Stompers!!!! I remember when you got him, still use my “Inspector Stompers Not Judging You” mug, and he remains my all-time favorite. Pretty tough to do considering all the amazing kittens you’ve raised!

  2. Thank you Kristyn for the new photos, such a handsome man. My favorites are the pictures with his brother, watching over him.

  3. I adore Stompers! You’re right I would recognize that sweet face anywhere. I love that Stompy is your webpage icon too, I get to see him every time I open my browser.

  4. “And I need to go rearrange the boxes that are awaiting pickup by UPS and USPS one more time.” Hahahaha — ok, Robyn. Well one of those is mine, so I’m not complaining, mind you. I just hope my box is, in fact, in prime position. I mean…


    Stompers!!! How great to see him again!