5-4-21 Tuesday

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The bellies of the beasts. (Slapjack in my lap, Fizzbin next to me.)

Someone (I don’t remember who) said that the tabby patch on Fizzbin’s belly looks like a chocolate chip cookie, and it SO does. It’s like she’s carrying an emergency snack with her wherever she goes.

Slapjack and the toeses.

A little bit of judgement from the Canasta pie.

Whist on the Fancy Sofa.

Canasta the lap cat. Oh, that girl is a snuggler.

All 6 kittens on the cat tree!

Fizzbin still loves this car scratcher.


I went in to see what Hensley and Julie were doing, and couldn’t find them. I had just about decided they’d climbed up in the recliner when I spotted them on the bottom shelf of this scratcher/cat tree looking at me like I was crazy.

Hensley roaring like the mighty beast she is, having conquered that scratcher.

Then a little bath, while Julie considers her next move.

As I suspected would happen, there were a lot more middle of the night hijinks in my room, now that Hensley and Julie are more comfortable with their surroundings. They are especially fond of climbing up on the bed on one side, RACING at full speed to the other side of the bed, and then racing down the scratcher to the floor. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Luckily, at 1 1/2 pounds they’re so light that I barely felt them, and after they’d done it 100 times, I was able to sleep through it.


Archie enjoys his creature comforts.


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5-4-21 Tuesday — 10 Comments

  1. I LOVE the idea of a perpetually self-replacing emergency chocolate chip cookie snack. Someone could make billions!

  2. Q for Fri: Did the Ham-micks disappear with Charlie’s visitation privileges by design? I suddenly realized I hadn’t seen the Cardshark kittens treating ’em like an ambush cave/trampoline combo.

  3. Reposting bc it got no answers from the weekend:
    Question for those w this experience: My cat has developed crystals (she’s been to vet). Vet recommended specialty food and gave us a few cans, but now she’ll be on it for a while. Who/what site is the cheapest for Purina Pro Plan UR diet wet food? I’ve looked at Amazon, Petsmart and they are about the same. The vet told me Purina directly. Chewy doesn’t carry it. Any other thoughts or have I got them all?

    • I’m so sorry I missed the question over the weekend, Holly! I’ll post the question in tomorrow’s blog in case anyone has a suggestion and so you don’t have to wait ’til Friday, but Petsmart and Amazon would have been my suggestion. I checked PetFlow.com, but their prices appear to be the same as Amazon’s on that food.

    • We had one with crystals and the vet offhandedly remarked that fish causes them. I looked it up and then took my cats off any kind of fish and no more crystals. After years of this, and it not being so easy to find fish free food, I gave them one can of food with fish. Guess who got crystals.. so no more fish, ever, here and no more crystals. I dont know if it works for all crystals in everycat, but it works for us. I suspect that the specialty food is less fish or fish free. I don’t buy expensive, I just check labels every time. (sometimes they change formulas and I have to stop buying something they’d previously had) Hope your kitty gets better!