5-4-16 Wednesday

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“This feather doesn’t really taste like I expected…” said Art Vandelay.

“And now it’s stuck to my lips and I couldn’t even thlurrrp it off!”

“It’s really STUCK and it tastes GROSS!”

“::sigh:: I guess this is my life now,” said Art “Featherlips” Vandelay. (It eventually detached from his lips, don’t worry.)

Regina Phalange, on the top shelf of the wall cat tree, keeping an eye on the babies.

We have a “lights on, no one home” situation here with Bert Macklin.

Ken Adams (top) and Art Vandelay, keeping an eye on me (there might have been a feather teaser involved. Please note that Art’s lip feather is sitting nearby, obviously just waiting for the chance to attack again.)

Susie and her mama.

Princess Consuela has some attitude going on, doesn’t she?

Chanandler Bong prefers not to jump up after the feather teaser this time, thank you.

Regina is going to go have some quiet time with this toy.

“Lady, am so over your shenanigans that I can’t even LOOK at you. Hmph.” (Bert Macklin)


“You gonna open that garage and let me in, or what, lady?”

Maxi is not a happy girl right now. For some reason, when it starts to get warm outside, if she spends a lot of time in the garage (as she prefers to do), she starts pulling fur out of her sides and back. Fred noticed that if we don’t let her spend a lot of time in the garage, she doesn’t pull her fur out, so she hasn’t been in there for a couple of days. She spends a lot of time on the side stoop, glaring in at me, and a lot of time sitting in front of the garage, shooting dirty looks at the house. She’s welcome inside, but as I’ve mentioned before, she loathes the idea that other cats exist. Usually after a couple of minutes, she stomps to the door and demands to be let back out. She’s not banned from the garage forever, just for a while until whatever it is that makes her yank out the fur (she’s been to the vet for it – a couple of different vets, even – and they couldn’t determine any physical issues causing it) passes.


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5-4-16 Wednesday — 11 Comments

  1. I got a laugh out of Art’s featherlip issues. The pic of Regina has me imagining her thinking that there was something not right about that boy!

  2. Might it be allergies with Maxi? One of my kitties used to overgroom during the spring, and the vet figured it might be environmental allergies.

    • And since she displays this sort of behaviour ín the garage, it would suggest she’s allergic to something in there? :/

    • It’s entirely possible that it’s an allergy – but it’s only at a certain time of year, and it’s transient (keeping her out of the garage for a while helps), so I’m not sure what it could be. She doesn’t need to be spending all her time in the garage anyway – it’s beautiful outside right now! 🙂

      • Maybe she just likes sitting in the garage and pulling her fur out. You like reading books in bed, she likes pulling fur.. in the garage..

  3. Love the tocks shot of Chanandler behind Princess C!! Every picture and video of that girl reveals a new delightful arrangement of spots and dots that I hadn’t noticed before!

    Poor Maxi! I does sound like something in the garage is triggering her fur pulling.