5-4-17 Thursday

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Sleepy little Roux. Are those stripes fabulous, or what?

I’m sensing a little attitude from the girls. That’s Praline on the left, Beignet in the middle, and Roux to the right.



Look at all those teef!

Sleepy kittens.

Is a rough life, little man.

“GIMME that camera, I wants to take a selfie!”

“No, give it to ME!” (Roux)

Oh, those eyes. They’ll be changing before we know it!

Lights on, no one home.

Mama gets a moment to herself while the kittens are sleeping.

The crate is about to go away. The kittens can climb up on top of it from the outside, as Beignet was kind enough to show me yesterday. I don’t know how they’ve gotten down from it (I suspect this was not the first nor the last time one of them had gotten up there), but I imagine they just kind of hurl themselves to the floor and then bounce across the room until they hit a stopping point. Since, along with that, the kittens are using their litter boxes like little champions, I’m going to put them in the bathroom, strip down their room, put the crate away, move their litter boxes closer to the closet door, and set up comfy sleeping spots around the room for them. I’ll move the little blue cat tree into the room. Then I’m going to open the closet door and see what happens. I predict total insanity. Those kittens have been trying to get into the closet for the last week – the gap under the door drives them CRAZY.


Videos! Andouille is getting his skitter on a lot these days.

YouTube link

And some skittering with Praline. This is my FAVORITE age, they’re killing me with the cute!

YouTube link


Farmer Joe (Bob) would like to get this farmin’ show on the road.

“That back forty ain’t gonna plow itself!”


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5-4-17 Thursday — 12 Comments

  1. How old is Joe Bob? I always go back and read the previous entries and it seems like he’s been around for a while.

  2. Andouille – just send me that chunky little round thing NOW! (Ok, pack up Beignet , too!)

    Joe Bob looks pretty awesome on the tractor!!!

  3. Joe Bob, you’re the best! Hope y’all will have a wonderful garden this year!

    That photo of Andouille, with all his teef … weeellll, how to put this, I hope it just LOOKS like you pinched him in the belly until he squeaked 😉

  4. The first pic of Joe Bob on the tractor – would be a great advertisement for farmersonly.com! hehe.. you don’t have to be lonely, Joe Bob! As for the kittens, this is my favorite age too! From 4 weeks on… cute, fluffy, huffable MAYHEM!

  5. Andouille has me in stitches! It’s like his back end wants to go one way while his front end goes another. So adorable!

  6. Lawd, these kittens are to die for! I love their little eggplant-with-legs-and-bottlebrush-tail bodies, so squeezable!

  7. If any of you readers need some great stories to occupy your day with, then turn to year 2012. The Crooked Acres story of how Robyn and Fred came to be and also Alice’s adoption story are there. There are also some cute pics of kittens, but aren’t there always??

    • Not to forget, the story about how a totally hypothetical cat might get a name like “Rupert” … it was good to see that sweet guy again. May he rest in peace.

  8. Andy’s not exactly the brightest spice on the rack, is he?

    Bless his heart.