5-3-22 Tuesday

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Bramble in the sun. Oh, those eyes!

Well that looks comfy, Kudzu.

Hollyhock and Bramble give me the suspicious eyes.

Hollyhock and Bramble taking a snooze… and Mondo peeking up from the level below.

Mondo lookin’ judgemental.

Hollyhock and Kudzu have a snooze. Have you noticed that Hollyhock is always on the top level of the cat tree? That girl rules those boys with a tiny iron paw.

Bramble’s all “What doin’, lady?”

Clover’s keeping an eye on me.


Alice Mo
The calico
Sure does love
The sunshine

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Mondo and Bramble are not ready to greet the day.

In 2018 we fostered a litter of kittens we named after Maine towns, one of whom was this floofy little orange boy, Dexter. That litter was my first experience with ringworm, but they were the SWEETEST kittens, and they came through it all just fine.

These days, Dexter looks like this (he’s the one dangling from the cabinet). Says Sharon: “It was one of those Wile E. moments in Dexter’s life. The event occurred in my husband’s office (known here in the house as ‘the orifice’ – he’s a mess). Every time Mark opens a drawer or cabinet and forgets to close it, Dexter is eager to explore.” I always say orange tabbies are the surfer dudes of the cat world, and looks like Dexter fits that description!
(Thanks, Sharon!)

Hollyhock shows off her toofies.

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No clear answer to the question yet, but the kittens certainly were like “Can we go to sleep now, please?” Also, more of Clover purrrrrring.

Bramble’s a couch potato.

Good night innernets. (Kudzu & Mondo)


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5-3-22 Tuesday — 2 Comments

  1. BRB, laughing forever at Dexter! I legit burst out laughing at this picture.

  2. So did I, girlwanderer!! Hilarious, I remember Dexter, such a little orange cutie!