4-29-22 Friday

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Unsolicited advice for the mama of the three-year old who misses jumps and falls. (Please forgive me if this isn’t appropriate). I have a now-4 year old who developed neurological issues as a result of a persistent inner ear infection at age 3, that remains ongoing. Your baby’s vet may wish to know of her clumsiness, just in case it is a medical issue. The symptoms sound similar.

I just wanted to share this in the blog so that more people would see it (I know not everyone reads the comments.) Thanks, Karen!


Reading your posts are both endearing and very interesting, Robyn! Have you ever written a book? You should! Two authors in one marriage, OYE VEY! The kittens are maturing so fast. Fascinating the encounters between Charlie and the sprouts, especially BRAMBLE and kudzu. Hollyhock was curious, but cautious. Wonderful to see Mimosa back from surgery and thank you for putting up with her yowling (poor mama).

I didn’t realize you had many permanent furry residents. How many do you have and do you have any dogs?

No, I’ve never written a book. I don’t have the patience. 🙂

We’ve got 7 permanent residents – you can see them all here. We don’t have any dogs currently – we used to have two Great Pyrenees dogs (George and Gracie, best dogs ever) when we lived on more land (they protected the chickens), but they passed away several years ago, and then we moved to the city… and then back to the country. (We don’t intend to get any more dogs, but are still considering chickens!)


How have I never noticed Charlie’s dark toe before? Adorable! Is that the only one?

Yes, Charlie has just the one dark toe. We call that his magic toe!


Do you think Mimosa’s reaction to Charlie means she’ll need to be a solo cat, or is it only that she’s being protective of the babies and she’d be okay with other cats when she doesn’t have babies to protect?

I think that as long as she’s introduced slowly, she’ll be fine with other adult cats. Once she doesn’t have to worry about her kittens, she’ll be able to relax and will be willing to make friends.


I apologize if you’ve already answered this, but do the kittens actually go to sleep cuddled up with a teddy bear, or do you sneak it under their paws after they’re asleep? It’s got to be one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen.

Most of the time I sneak the teddy bear (or other stuffed animal) under their paws, but that picture of Bramble with the teddy bear, he was just like that when I walked into the room, and I nearly tripped over myself to sneak close enough and take the picture without waking him up!


I played the Mimosa in heat yowls video today while my Glitter was sprawled across me sleeping hard. Once the yowling started, and without waking up or moving a single muscle, Glitter started giving tiny mews back. At first I though it was a kitten on the video, but no, it was my big girl Glitter, talking back to Mimosa, in her sleep. Even after the video ended, she kept up the mews, it was weird and freaked me out! I finally rubbed her belly a slightly roughly to wake her up so she’d stop. She stretched, opened one eye gave me a louder, more adult cat meow and went back to sleep, silently. What is up with that?!? Do I have the weirdest cat in the world or do other cats talk in their sleep to video cats?

This sounds SO CUTE! I’ve never had cats talk in their sleep to video cats, but now I’m going to make a concerted effort to see if I can make it happen!


Hollyhock in the sun, getting some petting and being ADORABLE.

Mondo gets his thlurrrp on.

I set the crown bed on the floor, and Mondo was in it instantly.

Peekaboo! Kudzu sees you!

Clover posing. Such a pretty boy! (And Hollyhock in the background, playing.)

Bramble’s all “Rowr?”

I moved that little scratcher over so that they could use it to get up on the built-in cabinet, and it took them no time at all to realize it was there. I’m looking forward to coming into the room and seeing all 5 kittens snoozing in the window hammock!

Mimosa continues to do well after her spay. She’s still pretty talkative, but her voice is quiet and sweet and nothing like it was when she was in heat, thankfully!


Newt has a snooze on the warm concrete.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

It’s Thlurrrpsday, and Mondo is celebrating appropriately.

Back in 2015, we fostered bottle babies The Squash Bugs, including Ambercup (top.) And in 2017 we fostered Mercury’s Missions, including Phoenix (bottom.) Ambercup is now Amber, Phoenix is still Phoenix, they were adopted into the same home, they like each other quite a bit, and this is what they look like (below) today! (Thanks, Debra!)

YouTube link
Throw Back Thursday: Talking about cats and nursing lately made me think about this video from 2013. Mama Kate just wanted to relax, but Aslan was so sure that he should be nursing. And she denied him at every turn. Poor pitiful baby!

Throw Back Thursday: All these recent Floof Suit pictures made me think of one of my favorites: Roux in 2017. She was walking across the room, suddenly came face to face with a permanent resident, and ::fwoomp!:: on came the Floof Suit! (And the “I am not kidding with you” expression on her face is killing me.)

YouTube link
Mimosa was having some quiet time sitting in the sun, watching the birds, when the kittens decided it was time to get all up in her space. So RUDE.

I just hate it when the inside of my taco comes sliding out.

Good night innernets. (Hollyhock, who looks especially tiny here – but let me assure you, she’s a robust 2 pounds!)


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