4-29-21 Thursday

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A lap full o’ tabby (Fizzbin, left, and Pinochle.)

Slapjack continues to be a little poser.

Rummy’s keeping an eye on me.

Canasta continues to be a lap cat.

I thought for sure Canasta was going to pounce – she even wiggled her butt – but then she got distracted.

Sweatshirt zippers continue to be the best snack ever.

“I can has a snuggle?” You can indeed, Fizzbin.

Fizzbin patiently waiting her turn at the milk bar.

It’s a crowded one.

She decided to go play instead.


Newt in the catnip pot, making himself comfy.


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4-29-21 Thursday — 2 Comments

  1. Has anyone ever pee’d in the catnip? Because that’s just the sort of classy, classy questions I ask.

    They’re so big now they must milk Canasta dry in no time flat in one feeding…

  2. I swear the yabbies all have bags under their eyes. Are you waking them from their beauty sleep?