5-10-20 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr Roundup.

Pablo really likes the top of that scratching post.

I put all this stuff on the couch so I could vacuum the kitten room, and Alejandro wasn’t HIDING, he was just checking my arrangement. Yeah, that’s it. He ain’t scared of no ding dang vacuum cleaner!

Alejandro and Javier have a snuggle.

Javier & Carmelita tussle in the sun. Despite how it looks here, Carmelita won that fight. She’s little but she’s feisty!

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Tossing toys for the kittens (before Isabella went home, obviously.)

Carmelita in the scratcher, with Javier snoopervising (I’m surprised he isn’t on the other side, messing with her tail.) In recent days I’ve seen Alejandro start to stick his head through the tunnel and rethink that idea, so maybe he’s starting to realize he’s getting a little too big for it.

Good night innernets. (Pablo using Diego as a bed.)

What day is it? It’s Monday, and Alejandro is like “Didn’t we already have a Monday?”

I don’t know what Javier’s doing, exactly, but judging by Pablo’s face it is AMAZING.⁠

They’re quite enjoying that cat tree. Top level, left to right: Carmelita, Alejandro, Diego, Javier. On a level by himself (in oh so many ways) – Pablo. To answer the question everyone is asking: The kittens do not appear to have really noticed that Isabella is gone. They were a little quiet and a little puzzled the first day, but now they’re racing around like usual.

Pablo’s having a pre-nap bath. Thlurrrp!

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Who knew that moving the cat tree so that they could reach the ceiling fan pull would be such a good idea?

This is clearly the poster for Carmelita’s Angels, the awesome new FX series slated to premier in September.

Good night innernets. (Pablo)

What day is it? “It’s Tuesday!” Carmelita would like you to know.

Uncle Jake came wandering through the kitten room to check out the food situation, and then hissed at the kittens and made them put on their Floof Suits.

The kittens now have the run of the house during the day, and they aren’t sure what to think about this freedom. Like most kittens, they ran out and explored the first day, spent the second day hiding in their safe, familiar kitten room, and now they’re expanding their horizons. The stairs are particularly fun, it appears. (Carmelita, Alejandro & Javier)

He’s a floofy boy, that Pablo.

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Video from when the kittens met Uncle Archie and Uncle Jake. They were NOT sure what to think!

Carmelita is all floof.

Rough life, Diego.

Good night innernets. (Alejandro)

What day is it? It’s WEDNESDAY, and Pablo doesn’t know what “neutered” means, but he’s SUPER EXCITED that they’re going on a field trip!

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The kittens are 12 WEEKS OLD (as of yesterday), and here’s a video where you can watch ’em grow!

Javier got all dressed up for today.

Oops. Looks like someone explained what “neuter” means to Pablo.

Carmelita on March 8th at almost 1 month old, (left)(OBVIOUSLY) and Carmelita on May 5th at 12 weeks old. (Don’t look for similar pictures of her brothers; it took me forever to do this, and I was only able to do it because I had two pictures from basically the same angle and with the same object (the mug) in both of them, that made it possible for me to figure out how to size them. Figuring out how to do this is giving me ideas for future litters, though.)

Jake came through to check out the food situation again and Alejandro was all “WHY HE GOTTA HISS AT ME?!”

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Banana for scale. (As they got older, it was harder to get a picture of all of them piled together sleeping. In that last one, I piled them together and took the picture as fast as I could.)

As my sister said, when she gave me this necklace a couple of years ago, if a human can wear a cat necklace, a cat can wear a human necklace! (In case you can’t tell, that’s a human figure dangling from the necklace.)

Javier looks like the Hulk in that little cardigan. I am going to declare that it officially doesn’t fit any longer.

Good night innernets. (Carmelita, Diego and Javier.)

“Duuude.”⁠ This picture is from yesterday, about 10 minutes after we got home, and Diego was still a liiiiittle bit high. Apparently being high gives you the Pablo Eyes. That shouldn’t have surprised me.

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You’d certainly never know that they had surgery less than 24 hours ago. (They came through their spay & neuters just fine, by the way.)

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When she came to see them last week, the lady adopting Alejandro & Javier asked if they were jumpers. “Oh no,” I told her. “They haven’t shown any interest in the desk or counters, they climb the cat trees, but they never jump up.” Well, it was TRUE until 2 days ago. Now they’ve discovered the top of the desk and all the things I’ve put up there and they love going up there now Of COURSE. (Poor Carmelita down there on the floor wondering HOW on earth they got up there!)

Hurray, hurray, Diego & Pablo were adopted and went to a wonderful home today – and we’ve been promised updates!!!! Happy life, sweet boys. ❤️❤️❤️

When you’re impressed that I’m able to get pictures of an entire litter of kittens, keep in mind that I usually have to take about 200 to get a few decent ones, and a LOT of them look a lot like this. THANKS, Alejandro, ya big ol’ goober. (Pic taken before Pablo & Diego went home, obviously.)

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A tail of two BAYbees.

“WOW, there’s a lot of cat fur flying around in the air. I wonder where it could have come from?!” wonders Alejandro.⁠

Throw Back Thursday: This is one of my all-time favorite pictures. Back in 2012 we fostered a litter of kittens we named after types of potatoes (and called them The ‘Taters, of course), one of whom was this gorgeous boy we named Kennebec. A year later he was returned and came back to us for a little time to decompress before he went to Petsmart, and he had turned into a great big lovable goober of a boycat, earning himself the nickname Lunk. (He was eventually adopted back out, and this time it stuck!)

Good night innernets. (Carmelita & Alejandro)

“Good morning, innernets, it is a beautiful day and it is FRIDAY!” (Alejandro)

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Alejandro can confirm: is Da BAYbee.

Alejandro and Javier in sunnier days (it’s raining here today.)

Today’s bad photoshop (but when I saw that I had two pictures of Javier and the triangle scratcher, I couldn’t resist) – Javier (bottom) in mid-March and Javier (top) 2 days ago.

Carmelita (who heads home tomorrow) is the only kitten in the house, and she’s not complaining.

Hurray, hurray, Alejandro and Javier went home today! Alejandro shall henceforth be known as Sir Fizzgig Dynofluff Sootasauras and Javier shall henceforth be known as Lord Taco Purito Gerrzalez! 🤣 🤣 🤣 Happy life, sweet boys; don’t forget to write! ❤️❤️❤️

Good night innernets! (In her hours as the only kitten in the house, Carmelita discovered she doesn’t care for loud action movies, tried to make friends with Uncle Khal (who hissed at her and ran away), chased Uncle Archie down the hall (he was not impressed) and joined in on treat time with the permanent residents. Now it’s bedtime, and she’ll have the run of the house all night. I expect (hope) she’ll curl up and sleep with me, but I don’t discount a night of Khal hissing and running away from the terrifying kitten. Carmelita heads home tomorrow morning!

We were very snuggly all night long and had a fun tail-chase session at 3 am.

“GOOD MORNING INNERNETS, it is SATURDAY!” Carmelita has a big day ahead of her!

Carmelita’s sharing with Uncle Newt (or maybe Uncle Newt is sharing with Carmelita. They’re sharing, in any case. And then Carmelita got all sweet and tried to rub against Newt and he hissed at her. SO RUDE.)

Hurray, hurray, Carmelita was adopted today! She (and her new parents) are currently on their way home – to Texas! That’s right, she’s going to be a Texas girl! Her name will likely stay the same, and she is going to be one spoiled princess. Happy life, sweet girl!! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


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5-10-20 Weekly Roundup — 2 Comments

  1. I love the age progression photos (I especially love to follow Pablo’s growth); you can really see how they seem to shoot up more on certain weeks! Also enjoy the musical accompaniment! This has been an especially fun litter, as they seem particularly full of personality and cuteness! I will miss them! Hope their adopters keep us updated!

  2. “Good morning, Angels.”
    “Good morning, Carmie.”

    I have the theme going through my head now.