5-8-20 Friday

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The bed Diego is in looks like it folds flat. Does it? Would you be able to provide a source?

It does fold flat. I got it off of Groupon last winter for $10 (I think), but you can find it here at Overstock (it may be available other places, but I didn’t look once I found it at Overstock.) Teresa reminded me that it’s a self-warming bed AND we’ll have a couple in the Forgotten Felines fall auction!

Also, Patti said: Ebay has the Kinbor cat bed, too. And some other great Kinbor items!


From Elizabeth, a helpful tip (thanks, Elizabeth!) – I kept meaning to comment for the person who doesn’t like the idea of letting Facebook into their life. I sympathize. I also do not want Facebook watching everything I do so my solution was to use one of my old cell phones which can get on my home wireless (but can no longer make calls or use data) and that is my “Facebook phone.” I don’t do anything else with it except use Facebook. So that way it is somewhat limited in what it can track about you. I also use a slightly different version of my name and a different birth date so that if I don’t want someone to find me it makes it slightly harder. Then go into the settings and turn off everything you can and tell it “no” every time it wants to do something. That keeps it somewhat in check. Hope that helps.


Wait. Khal runs from kittens?!

NO, and he resents the accusation. He just walks quickly and with purpose. He has other places to be, you see. Usually places on the other side of the cat door where kittens can’t go. And the fact that he usually sees kittens RIGHT before this happens is sheer coincidence.


The theme song for all the kittens who meet the Big Cats for the very first time:

If you’re small and you don’t how to grow tall
Why don’t you try looking bullet-proof?
Puttin’ on the floof!

Meeting cats that might want to eat you
Dodging death by trying to look aloof,
Puttin’ on the floof!

Puffed up like a much less teeny kitty
Tryin’ not to look so itty-bitty

If you’re small and you don’t how to grow tall
Why don’t you try looking bullet-proof?

Puttin’ on the floof…

Puttin’ on the floof…

Puttin’ on the floof……

HA – I love this!!


Wait! Is that a “ceiling fan” ceiling fan pull? How meta, Ha!

It certainly is! And what’s fun is that it actually comes paired with a lightbulb-shaped light pull. Though none of our ceiling fans here have lights in them the ceiling fans at Crooked Acres did, and I was forever turning off the light when I meant to turn the fan down or vice versa. Those pulls made my life so much easier. (Now that I don’t need to tell two pulls apart, I bought the set just because I like them.)


In case you missed it on social media yesterday…

Diego and Pablo went home yesterday! We’ve been promised updates, and I know that they’re going to be spoiled rotten. Their new family is going to change their names, but haven’t decided what names they’ll ultimately get.

(Just a note: I never ever expect kittens’ names to stay the same, and I am never the slightest bit offended when adopters change their names. I consider it part of the adoption process, and I love seeing what names they end up with!)

Alejandro and Javier are going home later today, and then Carmelita will head home tomorrow.

Today’s pictures are the rest of the ones I have that include Diego and Pablo (Monday’s post will have the last pictures of Carmelita, Alejandro and Javier.)

It’s been a fast 12 weeks, hasn’t it?

Oh, that boy.

Sleepy little faces (Javier, Alejandro and Diego.)

His face just kills me.

Diego has a skeptical.

He looks SO much like Khal here!

“Watching you, lady.”

It’s a cuppa Pablo.

And a Diego pie.

Carmelita shows off her little shaved belly.

“Not talkin’ to you, lady.”

Just a little bit loony there.

If you look closely, you can see proof that Carmelita’s been playing Sparkleball.

He is so darn PRETTY. This whole litter is, really.

The last all-sibling portrait. Left to right: Diego, Pablo, Alejandro, Carmelita & Javier.


“Are they gone yet?”


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5-8-20 Friday — 10 Comments

  1. Aw, wow! I can’t believe these babies are already to head off to their forever homes! It’s as though they were just born…

  2. You’re right, 12 weeks have flown by. Thanks for sharing some really great moments. I especially love that pic of baby Carm adoring her momma.

  3. In the picture above where you say Carmelita has been playing sparkleball, is that Javier’s paw playing with Carmelita’s tail (again!)? I think he’s going to miss playing with her tail, lol.

  4. I am going to MISS those little muffins! What’s interesting to me is they never really had the long, lean look I’m used to seeing, especially when the kittens are ready to go to their new homes. I wondered if that was just due to their tremendous floofiness, but even Javier looks rounder than most of your kittens at 12 weeks.

    ANYWAY, they’ve been SUCH fun to watch, and I’m so happy all of them are going straight to their furever homes. 🙂

  5. Sad (that we won’t be seeing them any more), but glad they’ve gotten furever homes so quickly. Happy lives, sweeties!

  6. Awww… I will miss these babies! So happy they’re all going home and not off to PetSmart! I am looking forward to updates. Has momma settled in? (hehe – I may be too demanding of updates, sorry!) I am so glad to have spent my ‘quarantine’ with these babies – – thank you sooooo much for sharing them with us.

    By the way, the ‘Diego has a skeptical’ pic above… certainly a BLUE STEEL look, if I’ve ever saw one! Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh, WOW, whoever was the lyricist!! I may name my next tuxie “Spats” just for that!

    And yes, the mucho mooptacular interval did fly by!

    Lastly, I lied to Facebook about my age, gender, and name, just so I could have a hall pass for kitten-watching. Twitter ‘s equally fuzzy about me – I needed something to read Larry’s (the No. 10 Downing Street’s official cat) hilarious thoughts.

  8. 12 wks???? It can’t possibly be so bc that is about how long I have been on a stay-at-home order. *sigh* I know you wouldn’t ever name kittens after a plague or disease, and I know you have a TON of themes to choose from, but I think we need Hope, Prosper, Wonder, Delight, Imagination/Fascination, etc. for the next batch.

  9. A suggestion- if you want to minimize Facebook’s tracking, use Firefox and go look up an extension for it (only) called Facebook Fence, and another extension (for all browsers) called Ghostery. Facebook Fence puts Facebook and any other site you designate (i.e. any site that wants you to log in with Google or Facebook) in a “jail” so that it can’t see what you input to any site outside the jail. Ghostery silent-blocks ads, cryptominers, fingerprinters, tracker pixels, and all that other junk that everyone insists on slipping into their websites because they’re nosy. I recommend both of these. Also, have an email that you use exclusively for shopping, commenting, and giving out to everyone who wants your email address so they can deluge you with ads. Then, all your real correspondence goes to a different email.

  10. Who said they could go already? No one consulted me… Say it ain’t so! They’re too little.. well ok, fine, they can go, but only if they promise updates, dang it..

    A ceiling fan ceiling fan pull? I thought it was an airplane! Guess I need new glasses.. or to full screen the videos!