5-8-18 Tuesday

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I will be switching hosts this weekend. If you come here Monday and everything is broken, be patient because I’ll be frantically working on it. On the other hand, if everything looks the same but there’s no new post, clear your cache. Fingers crossed that this goes well!


Look at THIS sweet, happy little face!

That, of course, is Stardust. Debra reports: She is much more of a lap kitten/people kitten than Amber or Phoenix, who have a tendency to not want to sit still unless they are sleepy. Stardust doesn’t get into nearly as much trouble, either. She really is a love bug!

I think Stardust knows exactly how good she’s got it now!

(Thanks Debra!)


Debi is turning into QUITE the little lovebug with a big ol’ instant-on purr as soon as I start petting her.

“How YOU doin’?”

Bros. Brian Boitano (left) and Scott really like snuggling up with Torvill.

This doesn’t seem at all precarious and unsafe, ladies. (Ohno, Debi and Oksana)

“My donut. MINE.”

It’s a Brian Boitano-Tessa pie!

And now it’s just a Tessa pie.


“WAZZUUUUUUP!” (Torvill)

Brian Boitano, the little charmer.

Ohno gets a belly rub.

Oksana gets a snuggle, and is clearly quite pleased about it.


Video! Ohno dons her crazypants. She loves to rear up on her back legs, and it cracks me UP.

YouTube link


Dewey on the deck, having an annoyance about the fact that Archie’s so close.


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5-8-18 Tuesday — 21 Comments

  1. Is Ohno hanging off the red “stool”? Is Debi holding her up or is it magic?

      • Me, too! There seems to be no way – except by incredible kitten upper-body strength – that she could stay like that!

        • Perhaps it is like the trick of balancing a fork, on a rim of a glass, with a toothpick.

          All physics and geometry!

    • The top curves a little, so the majority of her behind was supported by the top, but part of her was dangling off. 🙂

  2. So nice to see sweet Stardust so happy!

    Yes, it does look like Ohno’s floating…

  3. When I saw the blurb from 2013, I had to go over and revisit because that’s one of my favorite picture/captions ever. Still funny! And man there’s some tuxie/whiskers action over there too!

  4. The 59th Street Foster Song (Feelin’ Floofy)

    I won’t slow down, I move so fast
    ‘Cause I found my crazy pants
    Runnin’ ’round the foster room
    Looking for fun and feelin’ floofy
    Ba da da da da da da, feelin’ floofy

    Hello, scratch post, what’cha knowin’?
    I’ve come to climb as high’s you’re goin’
    Ain’t’cha got no Ham-mick for me?
    Doot-in doo-doo, feelin’ floofy
    Ba da da da da da da, feelin’ floofy

    I got some chasin’ to do
    Some ambushes to leap
    But my brothers and sisters they all fell asleep
    I watch the lady take pictures of me
    Life, I love you
    All is floofy

  5. Can’t believe that video of Ohno and the crazy pants was only 40 seconds. Seemed much, much longer.

  6. You do such an amazing job making all the kittens desirable. Good thing I don’t live near you or Chester and Penelope would be up in arms about “new arrivals”.

  7. So the Ohno rearing up video – there’s an old online role playing game that my husband used to play. There was a catlike creature that stood on it’s hind legs and would swing it’s “arms” at you to do its killing. Ohno pretty much looks like that creature. She just has to stand longer on her hind legs first. Banderling is the name of the creature in the game. Hence that is exactly how our Banderling got his name. He did that over and over to his brother when we first got them.

    • Love this so much – as a proper name but also as a generic term for any kitten, as in Miz Robyn is currently fostering two mama banders and eight banderlings. Thank you for sharing this!!! (Permanent banders – I lost count… snort)

      • There are more fosters in this house than permanent residents at the moment. 🙂

        (And I love the name Banderling, Katrina!)

  8. I was running late this morning so I didn’t see post until I came home, AWESOME!!!!

  9. Soooo happy about Princess Stardust. For reasons I can’t explain (because her sibs were also all adorable), she was my favorite from that litter. Glad to see her having a good home!

    Feelin’ Floofy is excellent and hilarious and so true! Also like the Mama Banders and their little Banderlings. 😀

  10. Not sure which is better, all the cute kitties in this post or all the funny things in the comments!

    One thing’s for sure: I’m really glad that Stardust is so happy in her new home 🙂