5-9-18 Oksana, Torvill & Brian Boitano review #KitNipBox

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Note: The box and its contents were provided us free of charge for an honest review. The opinions herein are the kittens’ as interpreted by me.

We were offered a free KitNipBox in exchange for a review, and I nearly broke my fingers accepting the offer. There is nothing I love more than new cat toys, unless it’s SURPRISE cat toys, so the KitNipBox is right up my alley.

The box arrived, and I wasted no time taking it upstairs to see what the kittens thought. But here, first a shot of what a KitNipBox looks like. The outside:

Inside the box is a card with a cute picture on one side and a list of what’s in the box on the other.

This box’s theme is Raining Cats & Mice.


The only kittens who could be bothered to be involved in this review were Torvill, Oksana, and Brian Boitano, who were ALL about checking out the box.

A closer look at the contents.

Brian Boitano had a need for the litter box, so while he took care of that, Torvill and Oksana took a closer look at the box.

Torvill flopped down while Oksana gave the tissue paper a taste.

Torvill claimed this pretty pink mouse as his own.

Brian Boitano came back in time to claim the emoji cat pillow as his own, while also taking a moment to ask if you’ve seen his awesome extra toes.

Oksana settled down and kept an eye on the wand while I waved it for her (not pictured: when she leapt up after it. That girl has springs for knees, for sure.)

Naturally, given the pile of cute toys, Oksana declared that the cards that came attached to the toys were THE BEST and she chewed them accordingly.

Scott, Ohno, Picabo and Tessa could not be bothered to get out of their pie plate to check out the toys. “We is tired, lady!” Scott told me.

“Heyyyy, what’s THIS?”

“Yeah, lady. That’s a real interesting wand toy, but I believe we have treats here that need to be going into my face.”

The treats were Pure Bites freeze-dried minnows. I expected them to be small whole minnows, but they were actually fairly large chunks. I broke them into smaller pieces for the kittens.

Amusingly, given her initial interest, Oksana didn’t care for the minnow aside from a quick lick of the piece I offered her.

Torvill and Brian Boitano, however, were like “This is AWESOME!”


Also in the box was an umbrella dangler – it’s got a ring at one end so you can hang it from a doorknob or hook. I don’t have any doorknobs in the foster room (because of the pocket doors), nor any hooks; the knobs on the built-in cabinets would probably work, but they’re too long and the idea of a dangler is for it to dangle, not rest on the ground. So I improvised – there’s a hole in the top of the built-in desk where the cord for a keyboard could go through. I put the dangler there (with a big wooden spoon through the ring to keep it from slipping through), and it worked out well.

The kittens gathered around and slapped at it, and there were some pretty impressive bounces from all three kittens.

Later, when the other kittens woke up, a couple of them discovered the box and declared a box of toys to be just the ticket.

Ohno was particularly pleased with the emoji cat pillow.

“This is cool!” said Scott.

“Is that toy smiling at me?”

Torvill says: “Thanks for the free stuff, KitNipBox. Especially this box!” (Note: I left the box in the room for the kittens to enjoy, but removed the tissue paper.)

KitNipBox offers two subscription options: The Happy Cat KitNipBox is $19.99/month and comes with 5 goodies. The Multi-Cat KitNipBox is $29.99/month and comes with 7 goodies. Also, if your cat has a sensitive stomach, you can choose the no treat/food option and get another toy instead. Best of all, KitNipBox donates a portion of their proceeds and products to shelters, rescues, TNR efforts, and a variety of other feline welfare causes.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! As a new KitNipBox subscriber, you can use the code LOVEANDHISSES to get 15% off your first month’s box.

Thanks, KitNipBox, we are crazy about cat toys (and boxes)!



For the curious, Frankie is continuing to do well. It’s really nice to see him yawn big like that – when the stomatitis was at its worst, he could never have done that; he would have begun to yawn and then yelped in pain. He’s currently on a twice-weekly dose of Atopica, and it’s working great for him.


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5-9-18 Oksana, Torvill & Brian Boitano review #KitNipBox — 8 Comments

  1. So good to see Frankie relaxed and pain-free, enjoying his perch in the sun.

    The look on Torvill’s wee face as he snacks on the treats…

  2. That was a cute read. I always love the kittens/cats voices (as interpreted by you). Question: Is Kitnipbox only a subscription service (as I am imagining) or can you purchase separate toys from a website? That emoji pillow is awfully cute.

    • It’s a subscription service, but that emoji pillow is made by Paws ‘N Purrs (the entire name: Paws ‘N Purrs Emoji Cat Pillow), and I suspect it’s probably available somewhere online – I took a quick look, but am about to go run errands, and didn’t see anything obvious. It might take a bit of digging.

  3. This morning I am reminded of a major difference between puppies and kittens when it comes to toys. If it doesn’t make NOISE the pup will leave it. The kids think it’s fun when the puppy runs around squeaking things. I’m the daytime babysitter. I’d prefer kittens with their quiet games, thank you. Do they even make cat toys that squeak?

    • There are a few cat toys that make noises like mice or birds, but for the most part cat toys tend to rattle rather than have a squeaker (I have bought dog toys for cats before, and had to remove the squeaker because cats don’t usually bite toys the way dogs to, but I’ve had a cat lay on or walk across a dog toy with a squeaker in it, and it scares the crap out of them!)

  4. All those new toys and they play with the box. They’re a little early for boxhab.

    Aww Frankie. I’d buy him a case of fancy feast if he’d eat it.