5-9-17 Tuesday

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“Well, we’re up here and it’s a lonnnng way down. What’re we gonna do now?”
“I’ll tell you what we’re gonna do…”

“First, we climb halfway up the crate and bite on the strap hanging off the side.”

“And then we reach the top of the crate and knock all this stuff the lady keeps up here off!”

And they did, the little brats. Then they climbed back down the side of the crate, because they’re no dummies.


Praline looks like she’s doing a little dance, doesn’t she?

Mama keeps a close eye on her muffins.

I walked in yesterday morning, and three of the four kittens had crammed themselves in that little part of the cat tree.

Beignet was off by herself.

Andouille was very pleased with himself.

He was very, very yawny. Maybe ’cause I’d poked him to wake him up and he wasn’t ready to be awake.

“Lady, tell the floofy pillow to stop moving around. It’s annoying.”

(Yes, the eyes are changing and I DON’T LIKE IT.)

Andouille’s are still mostly blue (though they’re changing, too. Hmph.)

I know I said last week that I was going to take the crate out of the foster room, but the kittens were still sleeping in it, and I wanted to let them have their safe space for a bit longer. I did put the crate next to a set of steps, so they could jump down to those if they needed to – but as it turns out, they just climb down the side of the crate when they want down, so it works out.


Videos! Both of them have lots of skittering and hippity-hopping. These kittens are killing me with the cute.

YouTube link

YouTube link


“How YOU doin’?” Sunny weather + warm concrete = very happy Stefan.


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5-9-17 Tuesday — 14 Comments

  1. I can understand why everyone is drooling over Andy, but for me? Beignet all the way. I love that precious little independent thing.

  2. I don’t know if it was Praline or Roux who jumped in the litter box in the video, but her sister cracked me up looking in and then quickly away, like “Oh, I didn’t need to see THAT!” 😀

  3. Obviously, Andouille makes the best pillow. I mean…raise your hand if you agree!

    I love how the one climbed into the “big girl/boy” cat box!

  4. Ribyn! I hope you or your readers can give me some advice. We’ve had a very stressful situation going on in our house the last couple of months for the cats which is causing us tremendous stress. We are almost done eliminating the cause of the stress, but there is still a lot of inappropriate peeing and pooping going on. Kitchen counters, desk tops, even keyboards. Lysol is making a killing off of me! Any tips that are very low cost (can’t afford any Feliway right now)?

    • Can you cover some of the areas? ie. aluminium foil on counters, keyboards?
      Or can you confine the cats to a specific area away from where they most like to mark/poop?

      Also, I’ve used Fizzion (Jackson Galaxy sells it) and I like it WAY better than Lysol. 🙂

    • First thing would be to stop using Lysol, if that is the actual product you are using. Because it contains ammonia, it can reattract cats to the same location and perpetuate the peeing situation. There are numerous non-ammonia products for cleaning up pee and poop, and you can even google home-made recipes using things like vinegar and baking soda.

    • I agree that Lysol isn’t helping – if Fizzion isn’t in the budget, you might try white vinegar and water (equal parts of each), soak the area for 5 minutes, then wipe it up. I also agree that covering some of the areas would help (and I HIGHLY recommend stashing your keyboard in a drawer or cabinet when you’re not using it; I’ve had to do that in the past, unfortunately!)

      I also recommend more litter boxes, if you can, scattered through the house – and I know it’s not cheap, but if you can possibly afford either Cat Attract litter or the litter attractant (which can be sprinkled on top of your regular litter), it might help.

    • Those are some great tips! Thank you! The Lysol I use is their multi-purpose cleaner and disinfecting wipes and both are hydrogen peroxide based rather than ammonia or tryclosan, so I don’t think that’s the issue. We have a really bad flea infestation and they want to stay off the floors, but we are working on eliminating that. Very mild winter in north Texas, so they are particularly bad this year.

      • Go to Home Depot and get a bag of Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) it comes in a yellow bag. Get just the head of a stiff brush that normally would be on a stick handle. It is easier to get on your knees and hand broom it than use a broom. THEN go to the dollar store and get the $1.00 ketsup dispenser..the old fashioned kind you would use at the picnic. This will be your “puffer”. Vacuum your whole house well…under the couch/chair cushions and into the cracks, pay close attention to your baseboards and all dark crevices. Remove the vacuum bag and dispose of it OUTSIDE of your house. You can then broom the DE into all your rugs/carpets. Lift all the cushions off your couch and poof DE into the cracks around the edge of the couch. Poof it into cracks at your baseboards. Treat pet beds. Fleas like dark places. They only feed on your pets. Will it be a bit of a powdery mess? Yes, but that will be only temporary. Each time you vacuum, repeat. Do this for about 4 – 6 weeks. Flea comb your pets and apply topical flea treatment if affordable. You will have to go through a few stages as they are breeding and nothing kills them in the pupa stage. This is the cheapest method I know of that is effective. Best of luck.