5-10-18 Thursday

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I will be switching web hosts this weekend. If you come here Monday and everything is broken, be patient because I’ll be frantically working on it. On the other hand, if everything looks the same but there’s no new post, clear your cache. Fingers crossed that this goes well!


In case you missed it on Instagram/Facebook, etc a couple of days ago, Brian Boitano and Picabo are adopted – yes, TOGETHER! – and will go home in June after they’ve been spayed/neutered. This makes 6 out of 10 kittens adopted – I would LOVE it if the rest of the kittens (AND Kristi and Katia) were adopted in pairs, too. Fingers crossed!


“Does this mean I’m gonna have to hear about his extra toes for the rest of my life? Oh joy.”

I never would have guessed that that little tree would turn out to be SO popular, but someone’s always either climbing into it or knocking it over.

“No, really. He REALLY likes to talk about his extra toes. Like, a LOT.”

Torvill just loves the Tiny Basket.

The kittens in the background of this picture crack me up – Scott to the left, playing with the track ball, Brian Boitano way in the back, trying to figure out what a “wall” is, and Picabo climbing atop the step stool, while Oksana hides underneath it.

“HALLO, innernets!”

Did I mention they love that tree?

Katia does milk bar duty.

Don’t feel too sorry for Kristi – she’s got places to go where she can get away from the kittens, she just doesn’t GO there.

That is a FULL pie plate.

“Did you hear that I’ve got extra toes? True story!”


Khal admires Fred’s carpenter skills (that ladder leads to one of the cat door going into the house so that the cats have two ways in and out. It doesn’t stop them from occasionally having a fight when someone wants to go in or out of a certain door and someone else is blocking the way.)


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5-10-18 Thursday — 6 Comments

  1. Would it be possible for you to get a pic holding Brian Boitono upside down so we could see all 4 paws at once? I realize kittens are constantly in motion and that might be too difficult. Perhaps when he is lying in your lap or maybe with your able assistant holding him? I would love to see all those extra toesies!

  2. I’m sure that Picabo is a great talker too, but she focuses on things other than her toes. Like her gorgeous earsies.

  3. The Picabo and Brian Boitano comments on their pictures had me burst out laughing especially the first picture of Picabo and her “Oh joy” !!! Have you ever thought about being a comedy writer Robyn ??

  4. Poor Picabo – destined to spend the rest of her days hearing about extra toes! At least he’s not a “here’s my butt” kind of guy :). So happy that another pair are going off together.