5-11-18 Friday

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I will be switching web hosts this weekend. If you come here Monday and everything is broken, be patient because I’ll be frantically working on it. On the other hand, if everything looks the same but there’s no new post, clear your cache. Wish me luck!

(Also, there may or may not be a weekly roundup post on Sunday. It’s all going to depend on how things go with the change.)


I usually do a Q&A post for Fridays, but I’ve had a busy week (nothing bad, just a bunch of stuff I needed to get done this week), so it’s just going to be a regular post. I believe I answered any questions in the comments this week, but if you asked something and I didn’t respond, feel free to ask again!


I swear Picabo is rolling her eyes at me.

Oksana is just SUCH a pretty girl. I want to squeeze the stuffing out of her, I swear.

“Hallo, weird lady. You bein’ weird again?”

So very floofy.

A 5-kitten pie! They’re the BEST.

“Hallo, lady.”

Katia considers her next move.

Debi with blue fuzz stuck to her lips. I swear that little cat tree sheds worse than any cat I’ve ever seen. I (not kidding) take a brush to it regularly to get the extra blue floof off, but it continues to shed.

Kristi and all 8 kittens!

All 8 kittens, on a field trip to my room. They run around and play for a while, then climb up on the tree and fall asleep. I guess field trips aren’t all that exciting.


Newt in his favorite spot, glaring judgmentally at me.


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5-11-18 Friday — 20 Comments

  1. There’s no doubt which one is Brian Boitano in the “Kristi and all 8 kittens” pic. Those kitten mitts are to paws what Puff was to kitten heads.

  2. Oh Newt! You are so handsome!!!

    Tessa’s face in the picture with all eight kittens…BWAHAHAH. Are Scott and Brian’s eyes staying blue or am I just wishing they would?

    • You’re just wishing they would (I wish it too!); they’re already starting to change, though they look super blue in pictures, they’re starting to turn to green around their pupils (I’ll see if I can get close-up pictures this weekend.)

  3. 5 Kitten pie. My favorite. The dark chocolate with butterscotch and the the whpped cream topping with some blueberries scattered on top. Delish.

  4. How is Oksana not adopted yet? She is the cutest thing, if I didn’t already have 7 brats of my own, I’d be sorely tempted to make a road trip to AL to get her.

  5. “Oksana is just SUCH a pretty girl. I want to squeeze the stuffing out of her, I swear.”

    My sentiments EXACTLY! 🙂 That FLOOF!!!

    And Brian’s little oven-mitt paw is cracking me up.

  6. P.S. How on earth do you ever get anything else done with that roomfull of kitty-cuteness? I would spend my entire day just watching and playing with them!

  7. Good luck with the changeover! Hope for no glitches…we’ll all be in serious withdrawal.
    In moments of stress: stop, and huff a kitten!!

    • I thought to myself, “It’s okay if I have to wait for new posts, I can just go back and look at old ones.” (As if I dont already do that.) Then I heard another voice in my head ask slyly, “What makes you think the archives wont be affected?” NOOooOOOOOooooOoooOoOOOoO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I’d totally be the kitten who howls all the way to the vet and all the way home. So?!?

    • Not that I can tell – there’s no calling out for kittens or hanging out by the door; they’re just doing their usual thing.

  8. That’s my favorite picture of Ohno so far—those eyes and the little head tilt, such a cutie. 🙂