5-11-17 Thursday

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Nearly five months after Fred tried to put Fancypants in the carrier to get him to the vet and didn’t latch the top of the carrier so that Fancypants was able to escape (see this post for reference), that cat is FINALLY at the vet. He’ll be combo tested today, neutered, vaccinated, and ear-tipped. I don’t know that he’ll ever talk to Fred again – but then again I’m sure we all know that in three months he’ll be sleeping on the couch and demanding his morning snack alongside all the other permanents.

(That said – if you are interested in providing a home for a long-haired fancy-looking male cat who will take months to trust you and might never, drop me an email!)(Slow down! One at a time!)


I just adore this picture so very much. That’s Praline licking Roux’s ear, and Beignet off to the side watching.

And Andouille in my lap, of course.

“Lady, halp.”

I love the outstretched paws, but Beignet in the middle of a yawn in the background is my favorite part of this picture.

Gorgeous Nola.

Something has amused Beignet.

We had joy, we had fun, we had fightin’ in the sun.

Beignet gets her floof on.

Red is your color, little man. (Okay, he looks good with all colors, doesn’t he?)

Praline loves that toy – it’s a ping pong type ball with attached feathers at the top.

After three or four days of leaving the closet door open during the day and closing it at night, I’ve decided it’s time to keep the closet door open not only to give them more room to run and play, but also so I can move the litter boxes into the closet. That means they’ll likely spend a lot of their sleeping time in the closet, probably right next to the litter boxes OF COURSE, but as long as they come into the foster room when I visit, what do I care, right?


Video! Just one today. It’s plenty. I’ve entitled it “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE FLOOF,” and it’s true. You’ve just gotta see for yourself.

YouTube link


Do you see what I see?


Archie, you better not make trouble while you’re in that sink.

“Who, ME? I’m just makin’ friends with the dishcloth!”


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5-11-17 Thursday — 27 Comments

  1. “Once my floof suit is on, it ain’t never comin’ off”

    Except she does a pretty good job of showing Mr. Floof who’s boss 🙂

  2. I love that Andouille always seems to lead with his butt. Lets be truthful, I just love Andouille.

  3. Now a “Seasons in the Sun” reference?? You must have a pop oldies station playing in the foster room! 😀

    Has Andy forgotten how to take his floof suit off? It looks like he is in a state of perma-floof these days!

  4. I can’t, I can’t handle the floof! OH my gosh that little boy is going to be one big troublesome fluffmonster isn’t he?

    Fancypants 2 is at the vet! Yay! I hope he loses his standoffishness along with his nads.. Why the ear tip? is he going back outside? I don’t recall that you tipped the most recent walk on kitties, did you? Archie and Stephan have theirs intact, right?

    Speaking of Archie! Was that wash cloth subdued when the photo session was complete? Or are wash cloths friends and only towels are the enemy who must be destroyed?

    • I was wondering the same thing about Archie and The Towels. Maybe washcloths are okay by him because they’re smaller but dishtowels are more threatening because they’re larger. Cat logic!

  5. The song reference and the fact that once the video is done the collage of “others you may like” at the end featured Journey’s Steve Perry had me thinking of kitten names. I know you once used girl rocker names, but how about 70’s or 80’s bands?
    70’s: Terry Jacks (of course); Fleetwood Mac; ZZ top; Van Halen; etc.
    80’s: Asia, Journey, Adam Ant; Blondie; Cinderella; etc.
    There are WAY too many good names to list!

    • The litter name for an all-male 80’s band litter could be “Pet Shop Boys” 😀

    • hehe! There were the one hit wonders of L&H, but there are so many band names that would be perfect for kittens… Roxette, Vixen, Aldo Nova, Madonna, Buggles.. I am awaiting the day that Robyn names a litter after soap opera stars! Can you imagine the posts and videos of Erica Kane fighting Alan Quartermaine while Laura Spencer sleeps in the cat tree? Or Victor Kiriakis and Tad Martin chasing Reva Shayne around the foster room? Or even a mashup of evening soaps? JR and Crystal tussling over a ball or Bobby Ewing, Angela Channing, and Abby Cunningham bellying up to the milk bar????

      • Cats named after divas, sounds kind of redundant.

        then again, my current feline is named Donna, as in Prima Donna. Again, kind of a redundant name.

  6. Considering how much he HATES the dishtowels, I’m surprised at Archie’s affection for washcloths.

    Or is that the reason? He’s sensing a kitchen cabal and is siding with the sink kingdom?

  7. In the picture “Praline loves that toy” – dear God, she looks adorable.
    All that clumsy kitten posturing cracks me up!!

  8. I like how Andy glances over at you while floof prancing and checked to see if snickering meant you were frightened of his fierce. He seemed satisfied you were quaking in terror.

  9. I think Andy has TWO marshmallow fluff brains — one that controls his front end and one that controls his back end. And they don’t talk to each other!

    I think I say this every, single blessed time — but this is the CUTEST litter EVAH!!!!

  10. Nola (with a N’awlins drawl): “That boy ain’t right. He just ain’t right. I think someone done snuck him in ’cause there’s NO way he’s one of mine. No way. He don’t even LOOK like t’others.”

  11. At least Fancypants v2.0 is finally going to be fixed, woohoo! He sure is a gorgeous cat.

    I have this image of a cat in my laundry room which says “Fancy Paints” and every time I see it I think of “Fancy Pants”.

    The kittens are adorable!