5-14-18 Monday

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If you’re seeing this, then the hours that Fred spent on Saturday were worth it, and switching hosts (from GoDaddy to Dreamhost, if you’re curious) went seamlessly. If you’re not seeing this, then you should probably clear your cache – but you’re not seeing this, so I’ll think “CLEAR YOUR CACHE” at you real hard and hope it works.


If you’re in the North Alabama area (or within driving distance), the cat show is coming. It’s June 23rd & 24th, and you should definitely check it out!

You can click on that picture to see the full-sized flyer over at Flickr, or check out the Facebook event page here.


There have been a few comments about Brian Boitano and Scott’s eyes – and how neat it would be to have orange kittens with blue eyes. It would, indeed, be very cool if their eyes stayed blue, but they’re already changing. Here are some closeups.

Brian Boitano.


I hate that they’re changing already, but I always think that watching the colors change from the pupil outward is very cool.

Picabo and Ohno will keep their blue eyes; they’ve lightened to a silvery blue now, and I expect they’ll stay around that color.

“What?” Oh Ohno, I just want to kiss you!

Picabo has a skeptical.


Debi, keeping an eye on me.

Tessa’s eyes are changing too, and right now they’re the same color as her fur. It would be cool if they stayed that color, but I don’t expect they will. (PS: If Scott was leaning to the left, this would look very much like an album cover.)

“Not sure about this field trip, lady.”

Kitten pie, my favorite!

So much floof.

Oksana’s still not tired of this particular trick.

Pretty Torvill on the Fancy Sofa.

“Pardon me, ma’am, have you heard about the extra toeses?”

Torvill and Oksana with attitude (and Brian Boitano in the back).

Torvill, Oksana, Kristi and Katia are off for their spays and neuter this morning. Please keep your fingers crossed that I’m able to get Kristi and Katia in carriers without too much trauma (to them OR to me). In a perfect world, Katia will be in the carrier already when I go into the room to get them and I’ll just have to close the door… but that’s probably too much to hope for. Can’t hurt to hope, though!


I think Maxi’s eyes look very cool in this picture. I mean, that’s a dead, flat Tony Soprano gaze, but a cool color.


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5-14-18 Monday — 16 Comments

  1. (Ah, comments are working now!)

    If you were to tell Katia and Kristi that going into the carriers is the magic portal to never having another litter of kittens, would it make them get in easier?!

  2. I’ll send good vibes your way. Getting my one cat, Phyllis, into her carrier is a multi-person, blocking-of-doorways, highly-stressful operation. (My other cat, Albert, just walks right in the carrier, sits down and waits.)

  3. Thank goodness all I (usually) need to do is to leave a carrier open… Best wishes to all involved!!!

  4. Kittens’ eye color changes never fail to fascinate!

    FYI, I’m able to get to the site by going to it directly, but it did not come up in my RSS feed as it usually does.

  5. Love the kittens eyes. That is actually the color of my kitchen countertop and my son’s eyes! (Yes-be jealous all of you).

    Thank you both btw. I am thankful for whatever it took you and Fred to figure out the new host. Good luck with the spays today.

  6. All meezers have blue eyes like that – the eyeballs are in a warm place and don’t move, so the pigment that makes them yellow or green never forms. You’ll note that they also get red-eye like humans, not green-eye like cats.

  7. Maxi’s eyes are indeed beautiful, as is the iridescence of the fur on her face!

  8. Yay, Team Anderson – we still have our kitten fix!! Now. I’ve reloaded and checked multiple dates and I have to ask, is Archie (a very cool cat listed under “Cool stuff to buy”) going to sell dish towels that he himself hath subdued?

    • Well, I reloaded yet again and that’s “fixed.” Darn it. For a moment Brian Boitano appeared on the permanent residents page and that convinced me it must be a problem on my end.

  9. * sighs. *

    Ands all right with the world. Except that these kittens are growing up too fast.

  10. There are gray cats with gray eyes, and matching noses too, all one color! I hope Tessa’s stay gray! I wonder if Brian’s eyes are going to be gold to match his fur, they look golder/yellower than Scott’s at the moment. Whoever adopts them better send us grown up eye color pictures is all I got to say! 😀

    Maxie… those eyes, that little notch out of the ear.. She’s seen stuff. She’s done stuff. She looks like she could kill you, dice you up, bury the bits and have a picnic on the burial mound and not think twice or break a sweat about it. I’ll just back away slowly now…

  11. I couldn’t see our post yesterday morning…but I can this morning! And NO, I DIDN’T CLEAR MY CACHE! It was just magic! 🙂

  12. Prince Petey is a dark ginger man and his eyes match perfectly with his fur. Makes him gorgeous, but unfortunately, he knows. Hence, his name.