Fred sent me the link to this video yesterday morning, and I immediately favorited it. It makes me cackle every time I watch it, and I think I’ve watched it about ten times.

YouTube link

I’m not a big fan of their other stuff, but this video is HILARIOUS.

* * *

I had a seriously productive weekend FOR ONCE, and I love it when that happens.

Saturday morning I woke up with the “I don’t wanna!”s, and I puttered around the house in an annoyed manner until Fred tentatively asked if I’d “sometime” think about maybe weeding the row of sugar snap peas, since they were getting seriously overgrown. I haven’t done much (ANY) weeding so far, because most of the plants are still kind of small, and I am not familiar with what most of the vegetable plants look like, and I was afraid that I’d yank up vegetable plants instead of weeds. The sugar snap peas are pretty big now, and I can tell what’s sugar snap peas and what’s weed (for the most part), so I got dressed and went out and started weeding.

I ended up weeding not only the sugar snap peas, but half the row of squash, and the entire row of onions. And there were some WEEDS, I tell you what. In the end, I weeded for four hours, all of that time with my back to the sun.

Hey, guess what? Did you know that if you put sunblock on your face and arms, then go out and stand in the sun for four hours with your back turned toward the sun when you’re wearing shorts, you’ll end up with sunburned legs? I KNOW! It surprised me too!

I don’t feel like I even made a freakin’ dent in the weeds that are growing in the garden, so I’m thinking I’ll need to start going out there every morning and weeding for at least a little while, just to keep on top of the weeds.

Stupid weeds.

Saturday afternoon, Fred and I went to a small flea market type store, where we traded in some old phones for a VCR for the garage/ gym (the one we had out there died recently, and Fred likes to have old videos to watch while he’s exercising), a little shelf unit and the hokiest little wooden chicken that I have ever seen.

Ugly, but somehow oddly appealing to me. And at 59 cents, how could I pass it up?

New (to me) shelf unit (I need to do something about those hearts – paint them or take them off, or something. I don’t like them the way they are) with my salt and pepper shakers on display. On top, the chicken!

I don’t know why I find it so strangely appealing. I just do!

We rented some movies on the way home and pretty much took it easy for the rest of the evening.

We were almost done with the movie when the spud told us that she’d turned the washer on and only a trickle of water was coming out. Fred went to investigate and ultimately discovered that a big water main had burst somewhere (he found that out by calling the water company).

I got all worried that I might need to flush the toilet in the middle of the night (if it’s yellow let it mellow, etc), so at 11 pm Fred and I were standing over the pond, me with a flashlight, he with a bucket on a rope, dipping water out of the pond so that if the need arose, I could use pond water to flush the toilet.

“I know ONE THING,” I spat at him while little insects swarmed around my face. “Come Monday, I’m going to buy THE HELL out of some gallons of cheap bottled water and keep them in the garage in case this happens again!”

I got up a couple of times during the night and checked the water. It didn’t come back on during the night, but Sunday morning Fred woke me up around 7:30 to let me know that it was back on.

I was a little relieved that I wasn’t going to have to use nasty pond water to flush the toilet, to be honest.

Sunday was a puttering-around-the-house day, but I felt like I got a LOT accomplished. I got the computer room straightened around so that my printer’s off to the side instead of sitting in the middle of the room like it was before. We moved the recliner out of the computer room to the front room, so that now we can use the side door to come in and out of regularly. The side door is just more convenient to use, and I moved a table from the front room to the computer room so Fred will have a place to drop his keys and wallet when he gets home. I finally started hanging up pictures, and it’s amazing how just hanging up some pictures makes a world of difference.

I balanced the checkbook and paid some bills, moved all the empty boxes from the corner of the computer room to the guest bedroom closet (why have such a big closet if you’re not going to use it for storage, after all?), straightened up the closet, scrubbed out the litter box, and myriad other small tasks that needed to be done.

There are still things to be done around the house – pictures to be hung, stuff that needs to be stored somewhere – but I think it’s really coming together nicely.

Tomorrow, I’ll post random pictures of stuff I’ve done around the house.

I made beef stroganoff for dinner, and it was so good!

Annnnnd that’s all I have to say about that. ‘Twas a good weekend, and now I’m sitting here waiting for the guy to come replace the windows on the second floor of the garage. I suppose while I’m waiting I’ll go put groceries away, do some laundry, and maybe vacuum the house (it is, after all, a day that ends in “y”).

* * *

I love it when Maxi and Newt rub up against each other.

Sometimes The Boog gets overwhelmed with being outside and starts acting like a jerk, so The Daddy has to pick him up and carry him.


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