Kara & babies – 5-14-08

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After using up the tape in the camcorder, I went through all the footage and cobbled it all together and made a way-too-long movie that clocks in at 7 minutes long.

Sorry about that.

I’ll try, in the future, to go through the footage a little more often and make shorter movies.

In the meantime, you can see the movie at YouTube:

YouTube link

(I used Muvee AutoProducer for this one, which came free with my computer. It’s pretty simple to use, I’m pretty sure I’ll be using that from here on out. It’s made for the dummies like me who can’t deal with anything too complicated.)

Also, I’m sorry about the incessant babbling and baby talk. I thought about adding music to the video, but I wanted you to be able to hear the babies and Kara “talking”.

Kara and the babies are continuing to kill me with the cute. I witnessed River using the litter box last night and when I made a fuss over him (“Look, Momma! He use the litter box!”), all the cats looked at me like they just might be getting tired of the incessant baby talk.

I cannot help it.

All the kittens are sniffing around the cat food when Kara eats. Inara’s very interested in the bowl of water and though she hasn’t quite hit the point where she’s drinking it, she is sniffing at it, getting her nose in it, then licking the water off.

These babies are just growing up way too fast. I want them to stay itty bitty forever, but they’re already HUGE compared to three weeks ago.


“Where my Momma? I’m STARVIN’!”

“HI Momma. I’m your favorite, right? You love me most?”
“That’s right. I love you most of all, little whatsyerface.”


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