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Oh Kate, you are the prettiest prettiest prettiest girl.

Leia feels the need to make sure that ALL the toys are properly bunny kicked.

Jareth subtly shows off his claws.

They are the runningest kittens ever, I swear.

Remember the long-legged Cheetah I bought at Petsmart? It’s still a hit with the kittens.

Jareth and the wad of Kate fur. You know, a couple of people suggested ways to get the fur to stick together better (washing it in the toe of a sock in the washing machine, or wetting it and then twisting it together), but it actually seems to be holding together really well with me just rolling it together between my hands.

(I mean, it was holding well together before I accidentally sucked it up with the vacuum cleaner and decided there was no way I was digging through all that fur and litter to save it. RIP, toy made out of Kate’s fur!)



So over the weekend, we opened the door to the foster room so that the Royals could have the run of most of the upstairs (in other words, they get the hallway, Fred’s room, and the bathroom to explore). They thought that was pretty FABULOUS, and for that matter, so did Kate. Kate can jump over the barrier at the end of the hallway, but it’s too high for the kittens. If she wants to get away from the kittens, she comes over the barrier and gets some time away from them, and if she wants back in, she can do that on her own, too. She actually spends most of her time with the kittens, still, but every now and then I’ll look up and see her walking into the room or hanging out on the stairs – or I’ll hear her growling softly at the permanent residents.

The permanent residents, by the way, have zero interest in her. They’re like “Oh, look. Another cat. ::eyeroll::” Jake’s the only exception – if he thinks she’s got food (and I have fed her her snack in the kitchen a couple of times), he’ll get all up in her space and she growls more seriously at him. Which doesn’t scare him at all, so I have to run him off or he’ll stick his head in her plate of food and vacuum it up.

Lisa came to visit on Saturday, and I was pleased to discover that the Royals (Kate included) are not scared of strangers at all. They just sniffed her, licked her feet, and ran around like their butts were on fire. In other words, the usual!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Here are the Dragons, at 11 days old. Eyes plinked open all over the place over the weekend!



Puff again, making sure we know that he’s had ENOUGH of this NONSENSE.

Norbert. Look at those ears!

Scorch. “Are you my mother?”



Puff likes to wobble around the crate, squinting at things and trying to figure out how to touch them.

“Just ignore her, kids. She does that a lot. She means well.”


“You take ONE MORE PICTURE, lady, I dare you. ONE MORE.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Miz Poo, wondering if it’s snuggle time.

Lisa can attest that Miz Poo greets everyone at the door as if they’re a long-lost friend and begs them to take her with them. If they sit down, she’s in their lap immediately. Miz Poo, I guess you could say, is a people lover.


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5-14-13 — 41 Comments

  1. Nice thing about making a cat hair toy is that there is always a continuous supply of raw materials.

    • SO true! I’m thinking next time Fred brushes the dogs, I’m going to have him save the fur, run it through the wash and see if the cats are interested in that, because he gets a LOT of fur off those dogs!

  2. AWWWW royals and dragonkittens! And pretty, pretty Katie and Khaleesi. 😀 Glad to hear the Royals aren’t stranger-skittish. I can’t wait until we have purring Dragons, honestly.

    I’d love to snuggle Miz Poo! I want a tortie people lover lap cat. Alas!

  3. I think the Dragons are my favorite litter ever. Not only are they clearly named after my own tabby (Dragon) and spirit animal, but I can tell them apart. I also kind of want to steal Puff…. And Ember…. And Scorch…. Why do I live so far away, and why does my house have a one kitty only rule? I need to find a Fred.

    • Freds don’t come that way, just so you know. 😀 (We have, over the years, flip-flopped. Once we moved to this house, Fred has wanted to keep at least one kitten from every litter we’ve fostered and I’ve had to turn into the voice of reason!)

  4. I am becoming obsessed with Puff’s gargantuan head — so glad I’ll get to see how this marshmallow-filled wonder will shake out. Robyn, how much of it is sheer fluff? Also, am I the only one to occasionally think of him as H. R. Pufnstuf?

    • I am also obsessed with the size of puff. He is ADORABLE. like the pufnstuf too although I’d change it to puff’n snuff. All the better for snorgling.

    • Once upon a summer time, just a dream of yesterday
      A boy and his magic golden flute heard a boat from off the bay
      Come and play with me, Jimmy, come and play with me
      and I will take you on a trip far across the sea…..

      • HR PufnStuf, what to do when things get rough… HR Pufnstuf, you can’t do a little and you can’t do enough! That was my VERY FAVORITE saturday morning show. So clearly evident that my sisters (all three of them) bought me the DVD edition of the seasons.. Complete with WitchyPoo “Oranges, Oranges, Who says?” hehehe ooops, I digress… this reply will destroy itself in 10 seconds….

    • I’ve secretly been calling him “Brad” (ie, “Look at the big brain on Brad!” from Pulp Fiction.)

      I think that giant head is all head and just a little bit of fluff. Either he’s going to be a huuuuuge cat, or he’s going to be a normal-sized cat with a huge head!

  5. Robyn-your captions are great as usual! You ARE a Snort! *snort*

  6. You’re not my mother. You are a snort! lol I loved that book when I was a kid! My not-much-younger brother used to say that to me when he thought I was trying to tell him what to do, and even now that we are (ahem) much older, he still does occasionally.

    Oh yeah, and KITTEN EYEBALLS!! 🙂

  7. too funny!!! My permanent residents have similar reactions – “oh great, another one”. Of course, this is after the initial “holy carp there is a momma cat in the bathroom” (we had a rather fierce momma cat once and the crew has learned to avoid the door for fear of charging angry momma cats).

  8. I love me some Miz Poo! She asks me to take her away from all these cats and I tell her I can’t afford her and her issues. The rest of the gang is like meh another visitor, but Miz Poo shares the love 🙂

  9. Can I just say that the dragons in fact look like Chinese dragons? Like big, furry chrysanthemum blossoms.

  10. Holy Smokes! Norbert needs to be called Dobby! 🙂

    Oh so much precious. Between this and your honey bun cake, going into sugar shock… ::plop::

  11. At the Dragons Family Portrait, Ruth looks like an exact copy of Khaleesi (only she’s smaller 🙂 )

  12. Awww Miz Poo is a sweetie. She is my favorite along with Tommy & Sugarbutt. Did you have any idea she would be such a lovey girl when you adopted her as a kitten? I ask this because I want one of those people-lover lap cats again someday.

    So… I haz questions for you and/or your readers…

    Is it possible to ascertain a kittens personality at two months of age? Which leads me to ask, what stage of kittenhood do you and Fred favor? When does their personality really start to appear? Would it be wrong to adopt two kitten siblings if I work full time? So many questions….

    If anyone could give advice, or direct me to a good kitty adoption reference book, I’d be forever grateful. If you didn’t live over thirteen hours away from me, I’d be seriously hoping to adopt a Crooked Acres Foster kitty. Sigh!

    • Miz Poo was a needy little lovebug from the get-go. I very highly suspect that it’s because she was a bottle baby, in my experience they tend to be friendlier and a bit needier than your average mama-raised kitten.

      I think you can get some glimpse into their personality at two months of age, but I really think that their true personality comes out around 3 months. I actually really like them when they’re two months old, but Fred prefers them older – even older than 3 months, I think.

      Whether you work full time or not, I’d HIGHLY recommend adopting two kittens together. They’ll have each other as company, and as snuggle buddies, and will chase each other around like crazy things. And there’s just something so sweet about the idea of two siblings spending their entire lives together.

      This is such a good question that I’m going to post it in tomorrow’s post and get advice and words of wisdom from others, too!

      • I concur with the twosome. My first two were siblings, and later added a found singleton. With my next one (after losing two over 12 years), she was a singleton, so I found a set of three and got the male there. They were about eight weeks when I ‘joined’ them but are now siblings 😉 As Norbert shows, it isn’t always blood that makes siblings.

        • I highly recommend adopting two adults who love each other — you can tell from the get-go what they’re like, and as with the rest of us, they only improve with time!

  13. I love how the Royals are growing up and exploring an being brave, but I am also sad because I love when they are at this stage. I think we need a Dabird video of the Royals !!
    Ruth is becoming quite the beauty just like her Mama !!!! Did you notice Puff’s milk mustache ?!?! Ember looks like a deep thinker but she will probably be the goofy one of the bunch.
    Miz Poo you can snuggle with me all day long if you wold like !!!!

  14. I was hoping that one of the Royals would have eyes like Mama Kate. Jareth is the only one that seems to be heading in that direction, or is it the angle and the light that make it look that way?

    • I think that Jareth’s eyes are definitely getting darker like Kate’s and he very well may end up with eyes the same color as hers. All the other Royals have lighter (or greener) eyes and I don’t think they’re going to end up golden like hers – but they’re still young, so it’s hard to say for sure!

  15. I wanted to also add that Robyn’s house is so clean. I have a smaller house and less cats and if I walk barefoot through my house my feet are grey by the end. I wore sandals when I visited Robyn Saturday and I took them off at the door and walked through the house, up the stairs and in the foster rooms and back again and my feet were just as clean as they were before I took my shoes off. You would never know there were several resident cats (except that several are within view as soon as you step in the door) in the house. I bow down to Robyn’s cleaning abilities!! Still giggling about Newt in his box in the kitchen and the look he gave me when I touched him.

  16. Oh Miz Poo, I love you so. *sigh*

    Robyn, I will send you my address, and if you would be so kind as to overnight Ember and Norbert to me, that would be cool. ‘kay? Yes? Alright! *fist bump*