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In case you missed it, there was a massive picture-and-video post on Saturday, and then we celebrated Mother’s Day in style.


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These kittens just love to cram themselves into the condo on the cat tree. You can see Aslan’s ear sticking out the right side of the condo, which means there were four of the five kittens in there. Where’s Jareth?

“Hey! I needed my space!”

Aslan, barely awake.

“Hey! We tryin’ to sleep! You go ‘way, lady!”

Sleeping in the box of toys is also a popular move.

The ham-mick is popular as well – though they get so crazy in that room that the other day I found it propped up against the wall. I’m still not sure how that happened – maybe with them racing across it, they hit it just right and it flipped up.

Wild blurry things.

Aslan thinks the feather teaser tastes mighty fine.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


The dragons, hanging out in a cat bed while I change out the bedding in their crate.

Scorch and Puff, curled around each other.

Khaleesi’s looking at Puff, thinking “You’re a soft little kitten with delightful leg stripes…”

“You’ll make a wonderful pillow.”

“You might need some washing, though. You’re a little… fragrant.”

“Kitten pillow and kittens comforter. It doesn’t get any better than this!”

Ember, tellin’ secrets.

“Mama! Mama! Listen! I gotta tell you!”


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Alice Mo in the sun.

What’s that? You need to hear her theme song again? Here ya go!

YouTube link.



5/13/13 — 21 Comments

  1. I would listen to any secret that Ember wished to share. Khalessi can send her Auntie Kelly’s way.

    The Royal kittens just wanted to be careful not to damage the hammick in their romping, so they stood it up out of the way. Quite thoughtful and responsible of them if you ask me.

  2. How do you not scoop up Jareth when he gives you that angry look? Nothing cuter than angry kitten ears.

    • Oh, I kiss that boy 10,000 times a day. Even when he’s perfectly happy and playing, he looks like a grumpy monkey!

  3. haha…. we have reached the “kittens getting out of the bed” stage here πŸ˜‰

  4. β€œKitten pillow and kittens comforter. It doesn’t get any better than this!” It certainly doesn’t.

    So glad all your felines at Pet Smart have found forever homes.

  5. Puff has delightful leg stripes? I think we need to see a picture of that…

  6. I loved meeting Kate and the Royals and Khaleesi and the Dragons this weekend. Those Royals are so full of energy and so cute. I don’t know why the boys thought my feet tasted so good. Ick! I can’t get over how petite those mommas are and so friendly. Looking forward to seeing the dragons when they are up and running!

  7. I love looking at the Royal kittens now. They’re at their “crazy monkey” stage, soon to be succeeded by the “lanky goofball” stage- my favorite. And to think that I’ll be seeing the Dragons at this same stage in only 6-7 weeks, it’s so much cute my head might asplode!

    • Oh, I LOVE the lanky goofball stage, they’re so freakin’ adorable when they’re running around with those long legs. πŸ™‚

  8. Look at Puff trying to hear Ember’s secret…guilty conscience I wonder? But boy, does he have one big biscuit head on him or what! πŸ™‚

    Alice Mo
    the calico
    sure has pretty eyes
    don’t cha know!

  9. The Scorch & Puff cuddle is almost a Yin/Yang symbol! They should get adopted together: they’re like a matched set.

    BTW, I’ve been meaning to say: I just love the extra posts on the weekend. I’m getting spoiled and I know that I will be really put out when the kittens are gone and you aren’t posting on the weekends again.

    Also, some of the Royal videos of hopping kittens made me think of this, which I thought was just hilarious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=JDABjGGeZzM (hope that shows up correctly …..) What I find really funny is that there’s NOTHING in that pen for the kittens to play with and yet they are still jumping around like crazy.. for nothing!

    • Oh, I LOVE that video! It goes to show that kittens don’t need anything at all to make them act crazy, they just automatically do it. πŸ™‚

  10. Katie’s babies are growing up so so fast and as cute and adorable as ever!! The Dragons are gorgeous too! Can’t wait to see their little personalities soon!! Take care