5-10-21 Monday

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Just a reminder: the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville May auction is going on RIGHT NOW on Facebook! Here’s a direct link to the album – more stuff will be added this morning, and each morning throughout the week. There is some AMAZING stuff – go check it out!


Guess who came to visit, making Fizzbin put on her very best floof suit?

And Pinochle and Rummy said “Who’s that?!”

Whist said “Thank goodness I had my floof suit cleaned recently!”

Uncle Charlie!

Rummy came in for the sniff.

As did Slapjack.

Then Rummy came back in for another look.

Uncle Charlie decided he’d go up on the little blue cat tree, and the tuxies surrounded him.

A funny thing is that the onesie seems to act like a Thunder Shirt for Canasta. We brought Charlie in, and she couldn’t have possibly cared less.

She was like “Yep. That’s that Charlie guy.”

Fred got out the feather teaser, and the kittens forgot about Uncle Charlie, mostly.

Charlie went for a quiet moment in the box, and Whist kept an eye on him.

So Canasta will be headed home in one week, and the kittens are scheduled for their spay/neuter surgeries on the 25th (which is two weeks from tomorrow); they’ll start heading home after that.

We are now at “adoption pending” status on Uno, on Fizzbin, and on Slapjack & Rummy (together). The two that aren’t yet spoken for yet are Pinochle and Whist. I’m sure their people will come along soon enough!


Julie (top) and Hensley went back to their foster yesterday.

They sure did love that cat tree while they were here!

It was fun to have them here, and nice to have two little purrbabies snuggled up to me at night, but Charlie will be glad to have access to me in the middle of the night again (not last night, though – I sprayed everything down with Rescue spray and let it dry overnight. Today I’ll mop the room, change the sheets, and then open the door to all kitties again.) and I’ll be glad not to have a litter box or canned cat food in my bedroom.


Newt loves this sweater bed. Having me wave my arm so he’ll look at me, he’s not so crazy about.


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5-10-21 Monday — 8 Comments

  1. So… Julie (top), ate a vanilla pudding pop too slow, getting it all down her front, and one big blob dropped on Hensley’s noggin?

    Another fantastic Monday post – great pix and great news. Oh! And the FFHSV auction’s next batch is coming soon – woohoo!!

  2. I’m curious about the purpose of spraying down the room with Rescue spray. Is it so the Permanents feel comfy in your room again? Is there a human-detectable odor?

    • Julie and Hensley were being treated for coccidia (in this area, coccidia and giardia are common) and I didn’t want it to spread to the permanent residents or the fosters. Also, the room was kinda stinky after housing a litter box and plates of canned food for a week, so the Rescue spray helped to clear the air.

  3. Any tips on getting cat fur off a “sweater bed”? My Cassia has a knitted (or maybe crocheted, does it matter?) square blanket that came with her from the Humane Society. She likes it a lot, thus is is always covered in fur and it’s a BEAR to clean off. I mean, it never really gets cleaned, I just manage to beat back the fur coating some (via vacuum). If I wash it, it loses a little fur, but mostly it comes out clean, with clean fur attached still (I air dry it). Thoughts?

    • You should try a lint brush, either the kind made with tape or “velcro”. I’d suggest a cat brush, but the teeth may get snagged in the knots of the bed. Throwing it in the dryer (without washing) may help to remove some hair (albeit not all).

      These are a few things I’ve tried that have worked for me. Good luck with it!

    • I agree with Eva, I use a brush like this to remove as much of the fur as possible before washing our cat beds. Tossing it in the dryer before washing it might help get some of the fur off, and also tossing it in the dryer after washing, on the non-heat cycle for about 5 minutes might help, too.

  4. Lol, Uncle Charlie is so patient, even when of them decides to take, uh, liberties with him.