11-10-21 Wednesday

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Sammy and Barry in my lap, having a snuggle.

Yes, that’s Carli being held on her back like a baby, chewing on the cord to my hoodie. (She doesn’t LOVE being flipped onto her back, but she tolerates it pretty well, which I wouldn’t have predicted a month ago.)

Nikki and her bunny paws.

Dare I say Carli’s turning out to be a snuggler?

Ozzy chewing on my hoodie string. The best toy ever, apparently.

Oh, that girl!

Barry’s got Sammy in a chokehold. As you can see, Sammy is not terribly distressed.

Ozzy shows off his gorgeous swirls.


Archie’s getting ready to do some shredding on that tiny scratcher couch. (It came from Petco.)


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Not sure what I walked in on here, but they don’t appear to appreciate the interruptions! (Sammy, Nikki and Carli)

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Good morning from the kitten room, where Sammy’s acting like a wild thing.

Ruthy hanging out in the Fruittasan. She loves that thing!

Sammy’s eyes are still continuing to change, ever so slowly…

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3 minutes of kittens playing.

Nikki and Ruthy have a snuggle… and I’ve interrupted again, it appears.

Good night innernets. (Barry, Ozzy, Nikki, Sammy & Carli)


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