11-12-21 Friday

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If a kitten winds up with yellow eyes, does the eye change go from blue to yellow, or do the eyes change first to green and then to yellow?

As far as I’ve noticed, they seem to go from dark blue to light blue, light blue to light green, and then darker colors – yellow/gold or a darker green – will start coming in around the pupils.


Wow Charlie is a big boy! And do you see anything “wild” or different about him, because it’s not apparent in his pictures. Wonder what a DNA test would show?

I had to ask Fred – who was actually the one who took Charlie and Newt to the vet; he’s in charge of vet visits, because he and the vet love to talk – and he said that the vet and the vet tech both think that, in the face, Charlie bears a resemblance to a Serval. I had to Google and look at pictures, and I can see the resemblance – of course, that’s not to say that Charlie does have Serval in his genetic makeup or anything, but I do think Charlie is going to get a DNA test in his Christmas stocking!


Balancing on the outlet cover — so cute! How long before they’re too big??

I would have said they’re too big already, but they love to prove me wrong!


When you line them up for photos on the shelf, do you just pick them up and place them there, and hope that the others don’t jump off while you’re wrangling the others?

With this litter, I’ve started “training” them by giving them Churu while they’re on the desk. They learned very fast, so now all I have to do is open the Churu and walk over to the desk, and they mill around at my feet. I pick them up and put them up there, and they wait (im)patiently for their Churu. When I got this particular shot (below), everyone had gotten a slurp of Churu so I stepped back and waved it over my head with one hand to get their attention and took the picture with the other. They used to hop down if I wasn’t fast enough with the Churu, but now they’ll stay there until I put them back down on the floor.


Do you get anything from the sales of the calendars, or does the money all go to Zazzle?

They’re marked up by about $2 (depending on the size of the calendar purchased), which comes to me (which I use to buy cat food or litter or whatever they need at the moment.)


I commented on Instagram too, but I just have to say that the Kittenado was the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages – I laughed so hard that I couldn’t breathe. It just struck me so funny, and the various available angles really added to the whole thing; Charlie’s reaction as seen from behind him was so funny (poor guy, haha).

THIS content is what makes social media worthwhile!! 🙂


I LOVE the casual turn and (I assume) death stare you gave to Fred when the Kittenado hit!

Honestly, I have watched that video myself about 30 times, and I laugh at something different every time (poor Charlie, and his “OH NO WHAT IS GOING ONNNN?!”)

That part where I turned, put my hand on my hip and crossed one leg over the other is quintessential Robyn Getting Ready to Give Fred Hell. Unfortunately I was laughing too hard, so (as the video ends, you can see me pointing at Fred) all I did was laugh and laugh (and finally said “NO, that was YOU!”)

YouTube link


The sun was shining through the back window of the kitten room the other day. I moved the scratcher over into the sunshine, with the intention of getting pictures of each kitten.

It started out okay with Sammy, but of course kittens are SUPER NOSY and always suffer from FOMO. (Fear of Missing Out.)

Barry (back) and Ruthy came to see what was going on.

And along came Nikki and Ozzy.

Sammy was all “They’re crowding me, lady!”

Ozzy smiled.

I put them back on the floor, but they weren’t having it – up they came!

Nikki’s Precious Moments eyes kill me.

“Tell them to get off my scratcher, lady!” Nikki demanded.


Here comes Carli again, on a mission.

That window sill is so close and yet so far!

And one last shot before I moved the scratcher back over by the couch.

When I got this batch of fosters, I moved the awesome cat tree that had been under that window out of the foster room. This tree:

I need – desperately need – to clean the kitten room this weekend, so while I’m doing that, I’ll get that awesome cat tree moved back into the foster room so they can take advantage of the morning sunshine.


Dewey (outside) and Archie (inside, with the Ears of Archnnoyance) regard each other through the window. (Picture taken at the last house.)


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

Nikki and Sammy are just the cutest little posers.

YouTube link
That collapsed tent is SO MUCH FUN, apparently.

It is Thlurrrpsday, after all. (Left to right: Ozzy, Barry, Carli, Sammy, Nikki & Ruthy)

YouTube link
A lap full of purring kittens: I highly recommend it!

It’s a Sammy pie. My favorite! (FYI… there’s a pie plate/scratcher on the Forgotten Felines of Huntsville online auction, which is going on now through Saturday evening. Check it out if you haven’t already, there’s a ton of cool stuff! )

Good night innernets. (Ruthy)


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