11-12-19 Tuesday

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The kittens have been doing a lot of squirrel-watchin’ these past few days.

It drives them CRAZY.

“We wants to be friends with the skwerl, lady.”

“You just open the window and let him in, yes?”

“Hi! HI!”

“Seriously, lady. Let him in!”

Beauregard likes to announce when it’s nap time.

First we snuggle…

And then we tussle!


It’s Toesday, and as such please admire Newt’s beans.


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11-12-19 Tuesday — 5 Comments

  1. Toe beans are lovely unless they are coated with wet, solidifying litter. Then it is time to soak said toe beans in warm water in the lavatory sink –a procedure which does not cause much joy in owner of said toe beans.

  2. I got the feeling that mr squirrel is either teasing/taunting the kittens or sucking up to the warm(er) window.

    Or both,

  3. Squirrels really DO like to taunt cats–I have an upstairs porch off my kitchen, and they are often out there planting acorns in my flowerpots. They just sit there and flick their tails when they can see that the cats are inside watching them through the window. Such pesky little creatures! (Not to mention that I get a thousand little oak trees starting up out of my pots every spring.)