11-2-21 Tuesday

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A visit from Uncle Charlie.

Nikki (left) and Barry were first on the scene when Uncle Charlie entered the room – and fortunately they had their Stranger Danger Floof suits close at hand!

Carli ran right over to get her sniff on.

But then she realized.

“Sir, we have not been properly introduced! Be on your way!”

The crowd gathered.

Sammy didn’t floof until he realized that Nikki and Barry had floofed, and then he was all “Oh man, I didn’t realize this was a formal occasion!” and quickly put on his suit.

And Carli said “He’s still there, isn’t he?”

The Floof Suiters kept an eye on the interloper.

Please note that Ozzy was ever so slightly floofed just because he didn’t want to be left out.

Charlie decided it was time to go, and Nikki and Barry spent the next 10 minutes sniffing every single spot Charlie had been.

Speaking of kittens and strangers, we had men working in the house yesterday, replacing the air ducts in the attic. At one point they were looking for something and went into the foster room, and I heard one of them say, with amazement, “There are a bunch of kittens in here!” He stayed in the room after the other two men had left, and tried to pet a kitten, but the kittens were having none of it (he was wearing boots, and they were pretty loud, which I think the kittens did not care for.) They’ll be back again today (and tomorrow, most likely), so I’ll be interested to see if there are any more kitten room visits. (Hey, it’s fine with me – the more the kittens see strangers, the better it’ll be in the long run.)


That Khal, he is one fabulous floof.


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Nikki’s having a hard time getting going this morning.

If you’ve seen the pillow on the couch in the foster room with this picture on it, you might be wondering who that kitty is (a lot of people assume it’s Jake even though – and I say this with love – Jake could never carry off that hat the way Mister Boogers did.) That is actually Mister Boogers (though with the feathered hat on, I refer to him as Granny Boogers), who passed away in 2009. He was a true character, and though he looked and acted like he hated everything and everyone, in truth he was a total lovebug with a soft heart. He would have hated (and then loved) all the fosters we’ve had in the years since he left us. I think he’d particularly approve of Carli’s skeptical little face. ❤️

Barry’s very fond of getting his blep on. (And yes, those orange ears belong to Ozzy)

YouTube link
Carli Calcium (the gray classic tabby) and her sister Ruthy (the brown ticked tabby with the pink collar) have been the most skeptical about being friends with me. It’s not always a straight journey from scared to friendly, but we are making definite progress. When they first came to me a month ago, Carli and Ruthy wanted nothing to do with me, would run, wouldn’t let me pet them. Today I can pet them and (as you’ll see in videos later today) they’ve decided I’m really not so bad. This video is of me petting Carli (in the puffy bed) and Ruthy (in the pink pie plate). (This video is from the middle of last week.)

YouTube link
To continue the video from earlier (where I was petting Carli and Ruthy), here’s one of me putting Carli in my lap and petting her. She’s come a long way since they first came home with me – I used to have to chase her around to pick her up and pet her for a few minutes before setting her free. Here, she walks over close to me, doesn’t fight me picking her up, and stays on my leg for a decent amount of time. (This video was made three days ago.)

YouTube link
This video was made two days ago – and it’s Carli, climbing into my lap on her own. Considering that when the kittens and their mother first came to me (about a month ago) she wanted absolutely nothing to do with me, this is so awesome to see. She’s decided she wants to be friends, petting is awesome, and the lady who brings the food isn’t that bad. Yay, Carli! (She consistently climbs into my lap when I sit down now … if she’s not too busy playing, that is.)

A skeptical good night to YOU, innernets. (Carli)


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