11-16-21 Tuesday

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NOTE: If you’re interested in keeping up with Canasta and don’t do Instagram, she (and Oli!) are now on Facebook, right here!



2022 Calendars are still available!

AVAILABLE FOR ORDER, over at Zazzle! There are SEVEN calendars – one that encompasses all the fosters we had in 2021, one for each litter (Moira Rose, Cardsharks, Dippers, Elements), one for just Canasta (I couldn’t help it – she was with us FOREVER before she birthed those babies and I got so many good pics of her!) and one permanent residents’ calendar. Click here to see them all!

PLEASE NOTE: Zazzle gives you many choices as far as what calendar size, what the date grids look like, and other good stuff. It defaults to medium-sized calendars, but you can change that to what you’d prefer. (You can also change the number of months, though I have no idea what pictures they’ll put on the additional months, so I dunno. Just leave it at 12 months, is my suggestion.)⁠

There is a link in the sidebar, and I will remind you a few times per week through November and December. Given the way shipping is going, I would recommend you buy them sooner rather than later.


Yesterday was auction organizing day here at Love & Hisses HQ. The auction ends on Saturday evenings, we spend Saturday night and Sunday contacting winners, and then on Monday Teresa comes over with a carload of stuff (I picked up several bins from her house last week), and we separate stuff out so that we know who gets what. Then Tuesday (that’s today!) Karen and Teresa come over and we spend about 5 hours packing boxes to ship.

It’s an intense process, but we’re getting really good at it.

We took a break from organizing about halfway through, and Teresa and I went into the kitten room. I was curious to see what the kittens’ reactions would be to a stranger. I hoped that Carli wouldn’t hide the entire time.

Carli did not hide at ALL.

Teresa had no sooner sat down than Carli went stomping over – tail in the air – to see what was going on.

Barry (left) and Sammy were all “Do we know you?” Please note Carli, still sitting there sniffing Teresa.

Carli “what suspish ain’t no suspish here” Calcium, Sammy, and Ozzy.

Getting scritches.

More scritches.

On the suspicious side of things: Ruthy and Nikki.

Nikki caught the suspish.

Little more scritchin’.

Ruthy and Nickel kept up their scaredy-cat ways, but at least they were out in the room keeping an eye on Teresa instead of hiding. I am VERY pleased at Carli’s behavior, though. Who’d have guessed it?


Newt’s havin’ a think.


Posted on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) yesterday.

I love Carli’s classic tabby swirls.

YouTube link
Permanent residents Jake (gray), Khal (floofy black) and Archie (gray tabby on my lap) in the back yard from a few months ago. I’d call it “permanent residents in action” but I think it’s more like “permanent residents’ inaction.”

This picture really shows off the different eye color – that’s Nikki in the front, Ruthy in the middle, and Barry in the back.


YouTube link
It’s tussle time in the kitten room! (It’s always tussle time in the kitten room.)

Good night innernets. (Barry Beryllium)⁠


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