11-12-20 Thursday

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Hush Puppy is such a gorgeous house panther.

He fell asleep like this. Silly boy.

Snowcone has a think.

Funnel Cake would like a snuggle if y’don’t mind.

French Fry keeps an eye on things.

I was vacuuming. They’re not TERRIFIED of the vacuum cleaner, they just like to keep a healthy distance from it.

Davy Crockett, Calamity Jane and Candy Apple tussling in my lap.

Buffalo Bill and Candy Apple snuggling… and Fritter ready to drop off to sleep.

Isn’t Candy Apple a pretty girl?

Pretzel has a think.

You might be shocked to hear that Annie Oakley has an opinion.


“You gonna open this window for me, lady?” Jake wonders.


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