11-11-20 Wednesday

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We got something new and cool in the kitten room.

A BOX! The kittens LOVE it.

(Just kidding.)

Wild Bill is exceptionally HELPFUL. And excellent at reading directions, apparently.

“That’s not how that goes, Mister. You’re doing it WRONG.”

Calamity Jane put on her Quality Assurance hat and kept an eye on things too.

When it was all put together, the kittens APPROVED. (Please note Candy Apple sticking her head out of the crate to see what was going on.)

They’ve been needing some vertical space in the kitten room, so this – a donation to Forgotten Felines – was perfect!

You notice I moved the crate over next to the tree just in case someone feels the need to leap from the top of the tree. They’ve already discovered what fun it is to jump from the tree to the top of the crate and back again.

6 of 15. I couldn’t lure more onto the tree because they were being DIFFICULT.

I love how this looks like Candy Apple is half dilute calico and half brown tabby. (That’s Eclair’s back end in the cubby.)

Smilin’ Davy Crockett has the twirly eyes. The top platform is particularly popular.

Tater Tot takes the ham-mick.


Newt has a smug.


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11-11-20 Wednesday — 8 Comments

  1. Holy moly! Don’t those cat trees have a weight limit?! If each little one is at least 3 pounds…some of those shelves may not be long for this world, especially after they leap. I’d love to hear how well your tree holds up. Don’t forget a link, if you know what it’s called.

    It’s great to be a kitten in your house! Lucky little ones!

  2. When I saw the first picture, I thought, _yeah that sounds about right_, then I scrolled down and said _oh hey, there was something IN the box!_ an then _oh sweet, a new cat tree, this must have been a very thorough cat scan process_. Then I sad _oh my God it’s a miracle, they liked the contents of a box better than the box. That never happens._

  3. Well this post sure has a whole lotta great pictures and captions!! Yes, I know, that’s akin to stating that cats like boxes, haha. But sometimes it must be said – so consider this a blog appreciation comment that always applies, but in particular to today 🙂